GTA 5 Online: New unlimited money glitch via car duplication after patch 1.35 revealed

YouTuber Zupertas has revealed a new unlimited money glitch via car duplication after installing patch 1.35 in GTA Online.

Veteran YouTuber Zupertas has revealed a new car-duplication glitch in his latest GTA 5 gameplay video for making unlimited money after patch 1.35 in GTA Online. As this is a solo money glitch, you can duplicate any car without the help of your friends or fellow players in GTA Online.

Here is how you do it:

  • Ensure that you have joined a public session that is almost full.
  • Now steal any street car (except for supercars) that can be stored in your garage and drive it to Los Santos Customs (LSC). For instance, you can grab the Ubermacht Zion Cabrio from the street. Now, take it to the LSC and repaint its body to avoid detection by the police.
  • Now drive the car out of the Customs shop and rip off the driver-side door by leaving it open and driving your car in reverse. Just make sure that the door hits an obstacle while doing the reverse manoeuvre (see video below).
  • Then damage the car in any way possible. For instance, you can ram it head on to an electric pole or a wall.
  • Now open the player interaction menu and park the car near the blue circle as shown in the video.
  • Park your car just adjacent to the blue marker in front of your garage.
  • Now get out of the car and you will glitch into the garage.
  • Once you are inside the garage, just turn around and open the garage door.
  • You will respawn just outside your garage and your car would have been repaired completely.
  • Now call up Ron or Gerald requesting for a new job or ensure that you have an invite from one of these two for doing a job.
  • Once you have the job invite, start driving your car across the street. Now accept the invite and jump out of the car simultaneously while driving at a decent speed.
  • Quit the job or mission you are doing and you will respawn at a random location or last saved location. At this moment, leave your keyboard keys or controller buttons untouched for around six to eight seconds.
  • Just take a look around and you should notice a duplicate car spawned nearby your location.
  • If the car duplication glitch isn't working for some reason, just quit the session and log into a new private session.
  • If it works in a particular lobby, it should always work in the same lobby as long as you don't lose the internet connection.
  • You can now drive the duplicated car back to your garage.
  • Take the original car to the LSC and install full upgrades on it. You can now sell the car and earn a decent sum of money.
  • Tip #1: Do not upgrade a tracker on the car or else you will not be able to sell it at the LSC. You can install all other upgrades without any doubt.
  • Now drive the original car out of the garage. Rinse and repeat all the steps from ripping the driver door to duplicate as many cars as you wish.
  • Tip #2: You can request your friend to watch over your original car while you drive back your duplicated car to the garage, so that it won't disappear from the location.