GTA 5 Online: New fastest unlimited-money and car-duplication glitches after 1.38 Patch revealed
GTA 5 Online: New fastest unlimited-money and car-duplication glitches after 1.38 Patch revealed YouTube

Avid GTA gamers are in for a special treat as the new fastest-money glitch aka car-duplication glitch has surfaced in GTA Online, following the 1.38 aka Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit update in the game. In order for this glitch to work, you need to have received at least one money bonus from Rockstar Games in the past.

Assuming you have met the prerequisite for the glitch to work, you can use this glitch to generate infinite amounts of in-game money after installing the 1.38 title update for GTA Online. Here's how you do it (courtesy of YouTuber xReelGamingx):

  • Just make your way to any of the Gang Attack missions on the map.
  • You will notice a few of these mission locations scattered directly under the Pier or at the Sandy Shores Airfield. However, you can find them near other common job spawning locations across the map throughout Los Santos and Blaine County.
  • Once you have started any of these Gang missions, you will see around 15 or more gangsters spawning at each of these locations. You can precisely see how many gangsters you have killed by scrolling to the bottom of your in-game screen.
  • The catch here is that you go ahead and kill every one of these gangsters, except for the last one. So, you will see the mission objective stating that you have killed 14 out of 15.
  • Then force close or quit the game. If you are on PC, hit Alt+F4 and use the relevant shortcut on your console to quit the game without saving it.
  • Now when you load the game back up, you will see that you have received another $250,000 money bonus into your in-game bank account.
  • You can rinse and repeat this glitch multiple times to become a quick millionaire in no time.

However, in doing this glitch, you will always run the risk of getting banned as Rockstar has stringent measures in place to monitor illegal-money hoarding in GTA Online.

In related news, another YouTuber named PmHD aka The Prestige Community has revealed the fastest money glitch aka car-duplication glitch for the 1.38 title update in GTA Online. You will need a friend or an online partner to accomplish this money glitch as it cannot be played solo.

Check out the new car-duplication glitch for the 1.38 update in the PmHD's new gameplay video (below):