GTA 5 Online: New DLC update to cost $49.99?

The GTA community is debating if future DLCs in the game would be paid only or free.

The GTA community is abuzz with widespread speculation regarding the price for the forthcoming downloadable content (DLC) in GTA Online while veteran YouTuber DomisLive aka Dom sheds more light on this issue.

Dom clarifies that the DLC would be available for free at least in the multiplayer version, but there is a possibility that Rockstar could impose a nominal charge for the single player DLC in the future.

The YouTuber supports his argument based on the fact that Rockstar never charged for any online DLCs as they were always offered for free. Dom also talks about his newly acquired VIVE Virtual Reality (VR) headset which he plans to use for all his future gaming videos, besides featuring the product unboxing video on YouTube.

Admitting that the new VR headset cost him a lot of money, Dom gives it all to his fans for their immense support over the years while expressing his eagerness to provide quality and entertaining content for avid video gamers across the world.

Coming back to the speculation over the DLC's price, several of Dom's subscribers have reportedly been debating on the authenticity of the information.

Dom reiterates the fact that Rockstar has never announced anything about paid DLCs for GTA 5 or GTA Online while the same may not be true for Red Dead Redemption or GTA 4 wherein the fresh content is chargeable.

GTA fans can rest assured that all the DLC content in GTA Online including the in-game items has been made available for free by Rockstar until now.

Given the popularity of GTA Online, Rockstar is likely to continue offering free goodies to safeguard the interests of its fans and online gaming community.

However, the creation of more single-player content or expansion pack needs extra effort from the game maker which could force the introduction of paid DLCs for standalone GTA 5 or story mode.

Dom concludes that only an expansion pack for story mode might warrant the need for paid DLCs as Rockstar has to recreate the entire story mode and add new maps as well as missions into the game.

Do you think it is really worth paying up for the map expansion pack or a story mode DLC in GTA 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.