GTA 5 Online: Mysterious $27 million item found in game files explained

YouTuber MrBossFTW demystifies the secret behind the $27m item found in GTA Online game files.

The GTA forums is already abuzz with speculation regarding the contents of the next DLC in GTA Online while renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) explains the theory behind the mysterious $27 million-dollar item found in the game files. As Ross admits, his intention is to remove the ambiguity surrounding the mysteriously expensive DLC item found in the wild even as the GTA Online gamers speculate if the item's price is indeed true.

Meanwhile, prolific GTA tipster Funmw2 aka Fun De Panda recently asked the members of the GTA forums community regarding the total number of warehouses that can be purchased in the game. As Ross points out, the game currently features around eight large and eight medium-sized warehouses with at least six small-sized ones.

Funmw2 goes on to add that he found a mysterious DLC item hidden in the game files wherein the item's price code was set to $27,000,000 ($27 million or $27m). Furthermore, it is still unclear if the item is some kind of a new high-end apartment or a new yacht that was scrapped from Executives and Other Criminals DLC in GTA Online.

On the contrary, Funmw2 has confirmed that the expensive price tag is not related to any of the warehouses. The tipster refers to the original source code pertaining to Executives and Other Criminals update and points to the Case 86 which has no entry.

Funmw2 also explains that the entries from "73" to "85" pertain to the apartments added with the previous DLC wherein the blank entry for "86" means "cut apartment." He goes on to explain that the mysterious $27m price tag actually belongs to the item 86 with no description. The subsequent entries in the source code clearly point to the offices added with Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC in GTA Online.

Consequently, it is evident that the item 86 could have been some luxurious office building or a premium apartment that was taken off the game files before the release of Executive and Other Criminals DLC in the game.

After further research, Funmw2 has confirmed via GTA forums that the item 86 is indeed a special DLC item like the luxurious office buildings in GTA Online.

Going by the sequence of codes assigned to each DLC item, the tipster concludes that the item 86 is indeed linked to special apartments or mansions in the game. To be precise, the 8 represents all the offices added with Finance and Felony DLC while 6 denotes an apartment with 10-car garage.

In other words, the 7 represents the mysterious apartment which would cost $27m while all other entries including 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 refer to safehouses, tilt houses and apartments. As 8 and 7 are said to be special reference numbers, they cannot be used for coding the property-item numbers.

Tip: The numbers 6 and 3 represent apartments with 10-car garage, 5 and 2 indicate apartments with 6-car garage while 4 and 1 represent apartments with 2-car garage.

With every consecutive DLC release starting from Executives and Other Criminals, we have received larger places of residence like stilt houses and now mansion-like office buildings. So, it is almost certain that if Rockstar decides to give us playboy-style mansions then we could be paying up expensive sums of money like $27m to buy one of these.

In another twist to his own findings, Funmw2 concludes that the item 86 and the price-tag of $27 million are indeed related to the yacht and hence it is not part of cut content in GTA Online.

One of the theories suggests that the $27m price-tag could justify the cost of an armoured yacht in the game. However, another fan theory decodes the mystery stating that the cost of upgrading all three yachts (Orion, Pisces and Aquarius) will result in exactly 27 million dollars.

The breakdown of the cost is as follows:

  • Orion full-upgrade with gold railings, vivacious gold and voyager skin = $8m
  • Pisces full-upgrade with gold railings, vivacious gold and voyager skin = $9m
  • Aquarius full-upgrade with gold railings, vivacious gold and voyager skin = $10m

The weirdest part of this theory is that we could only buy one yacht and one office in the game as GTA Online does not permit any player to own all three yachts. So, any possibility of a DLC item costing more than $10m is currently ruled out.