GTA 5 Online: Independence Day DLC content, future updates and money bonuses revealed

Fresh Independence Day DLC content and money bonuses with Rockstar's newest title update revealed for GTA Online.

Rockstar Games has added the newest supercar Pfister 811 into the inventory via Legendary Motorsport website with the recent announcement of Independence Day DLC in GTA Online. The arrival of Pfister 811 in the game also marks the launch of double GTA$ and RP Street Racing Playlist starting 29 June through 30 June.

Double GTA$ and RP Street Racing Playlist

Owners of Pfister 811 can test their new supercar across a bunch of exotic race tracks including Senora Freeway, Arms Race and Business Trip. Earn double RP and GTA$ while you race against your rivals (up to 8 players in any given match) across these race tracks in GTA Online.

Meanwhile, those who prefer to wage an all-out war in highway skirmishes in GTA Online can now purchase the Turreted Limo or the Karin Technical at 40% discount on the original price. Grab a mask of your choice at the Vespucci Movie Masks shop at 40% off or a Bull Shark Testosterone pack at 50% off its list price.

Rockstar invites avid GTA Online fans to celebrate the Independence Day starting 1 July with monster trucks, dirt bikes and fireworks launchers.

Double GTA$ and RP with Independence Weekend Playlist

You can also enjoy double RP and GTA$ bonuses in the featured Independence Weekend Playlist with up to 8 players across a bunch of events: Road Tripping (TDM), Across the Wilderness (locked to the Liberator monster truck), and Tour the Lake (locked to the Sovereign motorbike).

As part of the original Independence Day content, GTA Online gamers can enjoy 25% discount on special vehicles, exotic T-shirts and hats starting 1 July through 11 July in GTA Online. Here is the list of the special items that are exclusive to the Independence Day DLC:

  • Liberator monster truck
  • Sovereign motorcycle
  • Firework Rocket Launcher and its ammo
  • Independence Day Special patriotic gear including Hats, T-shirts and more

Rockstar will be telecasting the livestream of the Weekend event via official YouTube and Twitch channels starting 1 July at 5pm ET.

In related news, renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW has shared an exclusive video explaining if the new supercar Pfister 811 is really worth your money in GTA Online. Check out the same below: