GTA 5 Online: How much money can you make per match in new 'Power Play' Mode

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals smart tips and tricks to maximise the earning potential with new Power Play mode in GTA Online.

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross has revealed some smart tips and tricks to earn maximum money in every match in GTA Online's new Power Play mode. The money-making guide gains precedence with Rockstar recently announcing double RP and GTA$ with the release of the new Adversary mode in the game.

Here are a few tips and tricks to remember if you want to maximise your earnings potential with the new Power Play mode in GTA Online:

  • Ensure that you begin the match via the event playlist through the Start menu or the jobs menu in order to qualify for the double RP and double GTA$ in GTA Online.
  • Set the game to three or four rounds per match from the job settings menu for maximising your earning potential.
  • As far as kills per round is concerned, set it to anywhere around 25 to 40 for a win. As the default parameter is set to 20 or 25 kills per match, you could change that to 30 or more for earning maximum RP and GTA$ per match.
  • Those who complete the entire playlist in sequence can earn twice as much as players who just do individual jobs in Power Play mode.
  • Just by completing the event playlist for Power Play mode, players can earn as much as $100k for four rounds with 20 kills each to nearly $200k for seven rounds with 30+ kills.
  • The double RP and double money scheme will be available in all Power Play missions until Tuesday early morning as the Tunables cannot be reset abruptly and it takes a down time of at least 24 hours to make the changes on Rockstar's game servers.
  • With two more DLC cars to be released in the next few days, Rockstar is likely to extend the bonus money and RP campaign over the next couple of weeks in GTA Online.

Check out Ross' stunning gameplay video depicting the special powers you could use to gain undue advantage over your opponents in all your Power Play jobs in GTA Online: