GTA 5 Online: How to make $300,000 in 30 minutes and become a multimillionaire

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals some smart tips and tricks to make over $300,000 every 30 minutes in GTA Online.

GTA Online: Kill Quota Adversary mode
GTA 5 Online: How to make over $300,000 in 30 minutes and become a multimillionaire Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has been unleashing a flurry of lucrative DLCs in recent times as avid GTA fans run amok in their quest to become a quick millionaire in the online version of GTA 5. Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) explains how we can make over $300,000 in 30 minutes to become a quick multimillionaire in the game, ahead of the upcoming festive surprise DLC in GTA Online.

Like every other event week in GTA Online, veteran GTA gamers can now exploit the lucrative rewards available in the game's latest Adversary mode called 'The Kill Quota'. The new Adversary mode employs Call of Duty-style combat mode wherein you need to work your way up on a series of weapon upgrades or tier of weapons, until one of the two teams is defeated.

The first team to achieve the cycle of six weapons during combat will be adjudged the winner in Kill Quota. As it is a brand new Adversary mode, Rockstar is offering double money and RP bonuses until next Tuesday (28 November) for participating in this event.

The Kill Quota features seven new maps, which offer sufficient opportunities to make big money and experience points. As Ross admits in his recent gameplay video, it is pretty easy to earn staggering amounts of in-game cash in each round of the Adversary mode.

In other words, veteran players can be seen earning anywhere between $100,000 to $200,000 in a three or four-round match. For instance, if you win three rounds in a four-round game, you can easily muster around $100K to $150K.

If you end up winning three such matches, you will easily earn over $300,000 with double RP and double GTA$ coming into play. In a seven round match, you stand a chance to easily earn around $230K to $300K in one shot.

Here are some of the best strategies for Kill Quota as your goal is to win as many rounds as possible in quick time:

  • With Kill Quota being a team-based Adversary mode, it is imperative to get your friends or crew members together in one lobby as you can communicate better with them rather than adopting to new players' style of gameplay.
  • Working together as a team becomes important to avoid friendly kills or getting flanked by your enemies.
  • The Kill Quota comes with four load-out options, wherein each load-out offers you six different types of weapons:
    1. Loadout 1: RPG > Minigun > Special Carbine > Heavy Revolver > Sawed-Off Shotgun > Machete
    2. Loadout 2: Railgun > Combat MG > Musket > Heavy Sniper > Pump Shotgun > Knuckle Duster
    3. Loadout 3: Sweeper Shotgun > Compact Rifle > Mini SMG > Compact Launcher > Double Barreled Shotgun > Pool Cue
    4. Loadout 4: RPG > Railgun > Heavy Shotgun > Advanced Rifle > AP Pistol > Knife
  • You begin the match with high-powered weapons like launchers and then end it with melee weapons. So, choosing your weapon load-out wisely can decide the fate or outcome of the match in your favour.
  • Ideally, you should choose the weapon that suits your style of gameplay, depending on whether you are a sharpshooter or someone who likes to "spray and pray".
  • The amount of money you win at the end of each match will be decided by two major parameters in the game: how well you played through the entire match (kills v death ratio) and how long you have played the game (number of rounds in each match).
  • The ideal gameplay time to earn maximum cash is around 30 minutes with five to seven rounds in each game.
  • It is advisable to add the Adversary mode event into the playlist as it saves your precious time, especially due to the fact that you will be playing with the same team until the event ends. For instance, you can add all seven maps of the Kill Quota event into the playlist to maintain continuity and save load times from one round to another.
  • The other Adversary modes that you can participate for double money and RP include Every Bullet Counts, Running Back, and Inch by Inch, which will be part of the Thanksgiving Day event bonuses.
GTA 5 Online: High Flier Premium Race
GTA 5 Online: High Flier Premium Race Rockstar Games

Apart from the event playlist, you can earn triple RP and GTA$100,000 every time you win the new premium race, High Flier. The race event will be active between 22 November and 28 November.