GTA 5 Online Halloween DLC: How to make $350,000 every 30 minutes with 'Lost vs Damned' Adversary Mode

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals how to make tons of money in GTA Online's Halloween DLC.

GTA 5 Online: Halloween DLC
GTA 5 Online Halloween DLC: How to make $350,000 every 30 minutes with ‘Lost vs Damned’ Adversary Mode Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has recently released some lucrative money-making missions in GTA Online while the 'Lost vs Damned' Adversary Mode from the Halloween update clearly tops the list for some notable reasons. As renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) explains in his video, there are some smart tips and tricks that will enable you to make tons of GTA$ in just a few minutes of gameplay in GTA Online.

Ross reveals some montage of in-game screenshots depicting the sheer amount of money earned by a random set of players who recently participated in the latest Halloween-themed Adversary mode. The amount in figures can vary from $125,000 to nearly $350,000 depending on the number of kills, rounds of wins and the leaderboard ranking achieved at the end of every 30 minutes of gameplay in GTA Online.

In other words, your overall score and the number of rounds won will determine your pay cut at the end of each match in the 'Lost vs Damned' Adversary Mode. Just remember that the number of round wins will fetch you more money than the number of kills achieved in each round.

Especially given the fact that the new Adversary mode offers double money and RP, it is the most lucrative multiplayer job available in the game at the moment.

Consequently, the Lost vs Damned could be every millionaires dream job in GTA Online as it will provide you the opportunity to score over a few million dollars in every few hours of gameplay for as long as you keep winning the rounds with the highest kill-score.

Tip #1: you need to choose the sides carefully as Angels have more power during the day while the Devils rule the nights. It mostly boils down to your style of gameplay whether you prefer to be a raider or a silent killer.

Tip #2: If you belong to the raider category, playing as the Angel team would benefit your aggressive or attacking style. On the contrary, you would play as a devil if you love silent kills in the darkness when all your demonic-skills have superior attacking power.

Tip #3: With still around 8 to 9 days left for the completion of the Halloween event, you could easily make around $10 million or more in the game by just playing this Adversary mode round the clock.

Tip #4: Always get your four best players together, before you jump into the Adversary mode as this is more of a team game than individual brilliance.

Tip #5: If you cover your backs, then you will win the round more often than not. Winning more rounds will fetch you more cash and RP to level up faster. Hunting in pairs is the best way to do this mission.

Tip #6: Save your precious time by loading up all seven jobs from the Lost vs Damned Adversary Mode into the playlist before you start. Thereby you will have the same team from the start till the end, which will save you the frustration of waiting for other players to join the lobby.

Tip #6: Try to setup the maximum number of rounds or six rounds for each match. It is a known secret that the longer you play the game, the higher will be your pay after completing the job.

Tip #7: Always be on the lookout for your kill when it's your time of the day or night. Angels should go hunting in the day while the devils hunt in the night, given each team's superior firepower with better weapons during those precious few minutes in the game.

Tip #8: Whenever you are outnumbered or have underpowered melee weapons, just hide and wait for the opposite team member to come rushing at you. Then you jump at him from the dark spot and take him down with a single swing of your melee weapon. Note: You may use truck containers, open trailers or random coffee/snack shops to find some cover.

Tip #9: Devils can be easily spotted even during the night, given their fire footprints. Angels are tough to spot when they are hiding and slightly difficult to kill given the rough Halloween weather in the nights.

Tip #10: Angels can get easy kills in the day, given the superior visibility under bright sunlight. Unfortunately, playing as the team Devils has too many caveats and it's the last thing you want to choose while deciding the teams.