GTA 5 Online: Five amazing secret and hidden locations revealed

Veteran YouTuber Sernandoe has showcased five amazing secret locations in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online.

Prolific YouTuber Sernandoe has showcased five amazing secret and hidden locations in GTA 5, in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online. The video clip depicting these hidden locations in the game has been credited to another YouTuber, ShuffleGamer.

The Skyscraper

Here is how you can access the first secret location in GTA 5:

  • Just get into a helicopter and make your way to the exact location earmarked on the map (see video) at the heart of the city.
  • Once you get to the location, just parachute your way down to the ledge or the railings on the skyscraper. You can walk to the corner part of the ledge to trigger the glitch and you will fall inside the building.

The Police Station

Moving on to the Police Station which is the second hidden location in our hit list, you will need a minivan (see video) to activate access to this building. As the original glitch has now been patched, we are going to try a trickier glitch to accomplish the task. Tip #1: You may need multiple attempts to make this glitch work as intended.

Here is how to do it:

  • Just drive your mini-van to the Police Station location as seen in the map (see video).
  • Now enter the adjacent compound to the Police Station and try to squeeze your mini-van down the stairway and into the side-entrance to the building.
  • Get out of the van and lean against the side-entrance wall in the corner. Basically, you can try re-entering your mini-van and then push it against the wall to glitch your character inside the building. You may need multiple attempts to get this right.
  • Once you are inside the building, you can literally explore all the prison cells without actually raising any alarms.

The Abandoned Warehouse

  • Get to the third location and climb the ladder to reach the top of the building. You may use a truck to climb up and reach the hanging ladder on one side of the building.
  • Now ensure that your character's back is hugging the wall. Then turn around and try climbing the wall and right at this moment your character will glitch and fall into the building.
  • Quite interestingly, this building was supposed to be one of the warehouses for the Finance and Felony DLC. However, Rockstar has chosen to abandon this building for some strange reason.
  • If you get up close and explore this building, you will notice some of its interiors resemble those being used with other warehouses in GTA Online.
  • Tip #2: You could use this building as a hideout location to evade cop pursuits and attacking rival players. You can exit the building by falling through the ground and then bailing out with a parachute to respawn at some random location nearby.

The Factory

  • Make your way to the left of the Factory, which you might have already visited during one of Lester's missions.
  • Just climb the ladder on the left-side of the building and reach the first floor. Go ahead and climb the second ladder at the back of the building and you will reach the roof.
  • You will notice a couple of glass windows on the roof. Now go ahead and crouch to take cover near one of the windows.
  • At this moment, pull up your in-game phone and accept any random invitation from the GTA Online playlist or job-list. You will now enter a lobby and you just have to exit the room.
  • Once you exit the online lobby, your character will glitch and you should be right inside the Lester's Factory.

The Random Wall Breach

Just get to the location earmarked on the map and climb up the building, using the first ladder. When you approach the second ladder, just try to sneak into the window adjacent to the ladder and your character will glitch right into the building.

Check out another random wall breach to enter the house, in ShuffleGamer's stunning gameplay video (below):