GTA 5 Online Finance and Felony update: DLC vehicle location and more details found

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals some secret spawn locations of the new tugboat for upcoming Finance and Felony DLC in GTA Online.

Prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross has revealed some secret spawn locations of the new DLC vehicles for the Finance and Felony update in GTA Online. Quite interestingly, the same spawn locations are applicable for the upcoming DLC vehicles in GTA 5 story mode.

Among all the DLC vehicles showcased by Rockstar in its recent announcement, the tugboat from GTA 4 has garnered much attention and hype in the GTA community.

One good look at the recently released trailer for Finance and Felony DLC suggests that the tugboat has three levels of decks with the most- primitive features onboard.

Coming to the vehicle's spawn location, the new tugboat can be found only at a couple of locations including the Elysian Island and off Los Santos port area.

One can be seen on the way backside of the port inside a service shed and floating on top of the pool with its rear tugged-in using a secure hook and chain.

A closer look at the boat (see video below) suggests that it is being suspended from the roof as it is undergoing some maintenance. You can also notice one main lower deck and the captain's upper deck with the boat engine controls and steering wheel.

One peek into the captain's cabin reveals a bunch of dials, signal-reception radar and a set of three flags including the white, the yellow one and the Port Authority of Los Santos flag.

Quite surprisingly, the three flags on top of the boat in the game precisely match with those seen on the ones from the official DLC trailer.

Meanwhile, it is ascertained that the boat is known as "Olifantus" as described by several veterans in the GTA community.

A sunken version of the tugboat can be found while using the underwater mod for GTA 5, right next to the murder mystery body of a girl cemented to the ocean floor. You can clearly see the word 'Olifantus' which is written on the boat, although a part of it is covered with sand and dirt.

Now the million-dollar question is whether this boat is driveable, storable or usable in the game while playing the new DLC. Ross clarifies that the tugboat is likely to be driveable only by NPCs or leave them in idle mode to drift from one location to another as has been the case with Yachts, Cargo planes and other big vehicles in the game.

As far as the availability of the tugboat in the game is concerned, it could be limited to a cutscene or some particular mission in the upcoming DLC. Alternatively, if it is NPC controlled then you could be seeing the cinematic or panoramic view of the boat when set into motion by the captain.

As the tugboat is literally huge and slow in its manoeuvrability, it is unlikely to be a Pegasus vehicle. However, it could be fun to have it in free-roam mode.

Do you think the tugboat would make its return from GTA 4 as a usable vehicle in Finance and Felony DLC? Please let us know in the comments section below.