GTA 5 Online Finance and Felony DLC: Ultimate bulletproof and explosive-resistant armoured cars comparison test

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals the ultimate bulletproof and armoured cars comparison test in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online.

The advent of Finance and Felony DLC brings a plethora of new bulletproof and armoured cars into GTA Online while avid car modders are spoilt for choice in their quest to pick the best of the lot.

Nevertheless, MrBossFTW aka Ross brings the ultimate comparison test of bulletproof and armoured cars in the game to help prospective car modders to get the best out of available upgrade options.

For the purpose of comparison, Ross has carefully chosen some armoured vehicles from the Heist update, Executives and Other Criminals DLC as well as the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC.

In a bid to address some of the recent fan queries on purchasing the best-armoured cars in GTA Online, Ross has created a separate demo video depicting the performance and functionality of various armoured aka bulletproof vehicles in the game.

As Ross explains the comparison test excludes the Insurgent and the Heavy Insurgent (Armoured) as they belong to the military class and cannot really be compared to the civilian class of vehicles. The two parameters that will be tested in this comparison include the bulletproof capability and the explosive resistance.

The Brickade Truck

The first big question that creeps on our mind is: how powerful or bullet resistant is the Brickade truck. Prospective buyers of new DLC vehicles should note that the Brickade's windows are neither bulletproof nor resistant to explosives.

Despite the truck's massive horsepower and heavy-body-build, it does not feature any defensive armour as evident in Ross' new comparison test for DLC vehicles. You can see that the vehicle is clearly vulnerable to sticky bombs and RPG fire, given its zero armour and no bulletproof capability.

With four of your six passengers sticking outside the vehicle, Brickade would be a risky proposition when you consider buying a large transport for the CEO missions in Finance and Felony DLC.

Benefactor XLS

Moving on to the armoured version of the Benefactor XLS, one should note that it features the same benefits and limitations found in the armoured vehicles from Executives and Other Criminals DLC.

To be precise, the XLS comes with mild bulletproof resistance and can withstand just one explosive hit which could be using a sticky bomb or an RPG or a grenade.

It is imperative to note that a single explosive hit could throw you out of your car or some parts of the vehicle like the bumpers and the doors might come off their hinges or you might flip or tumble in the air. However, you will surely survive the first explosion, thanks to its explosive-resistant armour.

Bravado Rumpo Custom

Next up in the comparison list is the Bravado Rumpo Custom which was advertised as a military-style vehicle. Quite disappointingly, the Rumpo does not feature any bulletproof or explosive resistant capabilities as a single sticky bomb can destroy the vehicle or a few gunshots could set it on fire and get all the passengers killed.

Furthermore, the Rumpo does not feature any armour upgrades at the Los Santos Customs (LSC) and hence it's not an ideal transport for drug runs and other criminal activities in Finance and Felony DLC.

Armoured cars from previous DLCs

In contrast, all the armoured vehicles introduced with the Executives and Other Criminals DLC bring mild bulletproof resistance and offer protection from one explosion of a sticky bomb or an RPG.

The Baller LE, Insurgent, Benefactor Shafter (armoured) and the Cognoscenti 55 (armoured) are all featuring the same armour standards.

However, the armoured Kuruma offers zero explosive resistance while being extremely good with its bulletproof capabilities as no bullets can penetrate its glass windows or the metal armour.

On the contrary, all armoured vehicles from Executives and Other Criminals or Finance and Felony DLC are not completely bulletproof resistant as their armour (especially the windows) deteriorates after taking around 10-12 shots from a pistol or a machine gun. Once you have fired around a dozen bullets at the windows, it will eventually lose its bulletproof capability and gets shattered like all normal windows in a car.

Given the complementary characteristics of the armoured cars from the last three DLCs, it is advisable to have an armoured Kuruma, an armoured insurgent and one of the armoured cars from the Finance and Felony DLC.

Which is your favourite armoured vehicle in GTA Online? Do you think Rockstar has offered a balanced set of armoured vehicles for doing various DLC missions in GTA Online? Please leave your comments below.