GTA 5 Online: Cunning Stunts DLC hidden details found – car customisation, racing gear and more

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals some stunning hidden details via gameplay screenshots from Cunning Stunts DLC trailer.

Rockstar Games recently announced that the highly-anticipated Cunning Stunts update would be released on 12 July in GTA Online while the GTA community is already abuzz with speculation regarding the hidden and missing DLC content for the game.

Meanwhile, renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) points out a few missing car customisation features along with some racing gear and the elusive stunting arena, which did not make its way into Rockstar's press release for the forthcoming Cunning Stunts DLC.

Ross further explains that the stunting arena has now been removed from the game as part of the cut-content for the forthcoming DLC in GTA Online. As you can see in Ross' gameplay video below, the leaked screenshots of stunting arena clearly hint at game set-pieces belonging to pre-development or beta stage.

The YouTuber concludes that if Rockstar has decided to remove stunting arena from the Cunning Stunts DLC then there is no way that we could ever see its release in the game. It is very unlikely that the game maker would release a second instalment of the DLC in the near future.

Moving on to the missing Custom Mod shop, it is now evident that there is no trace of it either on Rockstar's Newswire or in the Cunning Stunts trailer. Consequently, the GTA community wonders if the Mod shop is also part of cut content for the upcoming DLC.

Quite surprisingly, the Custom Mod shop actually exists in the game and it is reportedly run by some ragtag gangsters known as 'The Vagos' in Los Santos. The Mod shop is currently empty, but its design and layout confirms its purpose for customising cars along the lines of Benny's Motor Works in GTA 5.

Ross emphasizes that the Custom Mod shop will not be featured in the forthcoming DLC update as it was neither mentioned in Rockstar's Newswire nor in the official gameplay trailer for Cunning Stunts update.

Furthermore, in one of the screenshots (above) showcased in the trailer we can see carbon-fibred racing seat installed on the new Fukari supercar, which can also be found on the Banshee 900R and the Sultan RS.

All such carbon-fibred racing seats can be upgraded or installed via Benny's Motor Works as they are not readily available via Los Santos Customs shop. So, that could actually rule out the need for creating another Custom Mod shop for modifying new DLC vehicles from Cunning Stunts update.

With the Cunning Stunts DLC expected to feature 13 new vehicles, it seems a bit absurd that there is no mention of a new property being added into the update. However, Rockstar did release an equal number of vehicles with Further Adventures into Finance and Felony DLC while there was no option of acquiring the sixth garage or a new property.

Consequently, the game maker is likely to repeat a similar feat with the Cunning Stunts update and there will not be any room for another property.

Nevertheless, we could just hope that Rockstar will make way for a bigger garage accommodating more than 10 cars in the upcoming title updates for GTA Online.

Moving on to the title artwork (see image above) for the upcoming DLC, one can easily notice the flaming loops which were not seen anywhere in the gameplay trailer or in the official press release on the Newswire. So, it is still unclear if this is some kind of Rockstar's showmanship or if the feature will indeed be added into the game.

Another interesting tidbit from the new DLC trailer suggests that we could actually see a team race comprising Obey vs Lampadati crew cars. The Obey and Lampadati logos and emblems can be seen on the rear bumper and spoilers in the screenshots shown in the trailer. So, that leaves us with the big question: Do we really have team races in Cunning Stunts DLC?

Also, Ross mentions about street or rally wheels (with one ATOMIC and one RALLY imprint) and the supercar racing wheels (with two golden ATOMIC imprints).

There is also an interesting modification with the car's number plate system, wherein the front has a smaller-sized European-style plates and the rear has the US-style bigger-number-plates.

In addition, the Lampadati cars apparently come with two different lighting customisation options with their headlights.

It is not yet known if these headlights support flip-up or flip-down mechanisms. However, the screenshots in the DLC trailer suggest otherwise.

The Maze Bank loop-racing circuit seems to suggest that most of these stunt races could limit the class of vehicle being used. For instance, we could see either muscle vs muscle or supercar vs supercar and not a mix of both.

Check out the Junken Energy sponsored superbike and the Tampa classic liveries in Ross' stunning gameplay video for Cunning Stunts DLC in GTA Online: