GTA 5 Online Biker DLC: Ten most-wanted features revealed

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals the consolidated list of most-wanted features for upcoming Biker DLC in GTA Online.

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) walks us through the ten most-wanted DLC features for the upcoming Biker update in GTA Online, in his latest gameplay video for GTA 5. The entire feature-wishlist for the Biker DLC has been broken down into three categories including tha garage, the clubhouse and the vehicles.

Here is the complete list of ten most-wanted features for the Biker DLC in GTA Online:

The Sixth Garage

With the Biker DLC release being confirmed for October launch, GTA Online gamers would be eager to expand their fleet of cars with new DLC vehicles. Eventually, it becomes imperative to buy out extra space or garages for storing new vehicles and this would pave the way for the sixth garage in the multiplayer version of the game.

The GTA community is just hoping that the Biker DLC would present the opportunity to own the sixth garage in GTA Online as it becomes increasingly difficult to manage your vehicles and you may be forced to sell off some of your favourite cars in a bid to free up space for new DLC vehicles.

Eliminating useless partitions and equipments inside the garage

As Ross explains, Rockstar could even get rid of the closed space inside the garage, which is actually meant to store a bunch of repair tools and equipments. The catch here is to save that wasted space and use it to expand the garage for more space, so that you can store more than just ten cars.

Furthermore, we could compromise the aesthetic features of the garage such as the computer desk to get some extra space for storing new DLC bikes, besides the ten cars.

Custom garage interiors

The stock version of the garage seems really mundane as each one of them looks the same, despite the changing locations across Los Santos and Blaine County. A bit of customisation features with the garage interiors could make it less boring, but rather exciting for prospective buyers looking to invest in more life-like garages.

Rockstar could also revamp the existing accessories in garages as they do not blend well with the theme of Biker DLC. The game maker could do something along the lines of fully-customisable interiors for Pent-House apartments as seen in the Executives and Other Criminals DLC for GTA Online.

Bike spacing inside biker-only garages

There is every possibility that a few of us could end up buying ten different kinds of bikes in the game including the new ones from the Biker update. Consequently, the existing garages in GTA 5 can only hold up to 10 bikes in each of them and hence there is the bike spacing issue.

In order to organise the bikes with minimum wastage of space in garages, Rockstar has to modify the garage dimensions as well as the parking slots for bikes so that anyone can store two bikes easily within the space of one as in existing 10-car garages in GTA Online.

Ability to store bikes in clubhouse

As several CEO offices and business buildings do not support integrated garages or storage space for vehicles, it is imperative to extend the ability to store bikes in clubhouses, which could enable gamers to enjoy more real-estate freedom for expanding their growing fleet of vehicles.

Sharing vehicle-storage space with friends

In addition, it would be a cool idea if one could share his vehicle-storage space with his/her friends at designated business locations such as the CEO office.

Remove unwanted things in CEO office

Rockstar could do away with unnecessary equipments and furniture in the CEO office as they could often inhibit player movements within the office and result in game crashes or serious glitches.

Exclusive features for the biker clubhouse

Gamers would appreciate the idea of having exclusive features at the biker's clubhouse such as new mini-games, dazzling interiors and utility features like the hot bath-tubs as seen in the Yachts.

Best locations for featuring sixth garage and clubhouses

Sandy Shores, Grapeseed, Blaine County, and the Paleto Bay are among the prime locations where the Biker-only garages and clubhouses need to be featured in the game, especially given the lack of good utility buildings like garages and clubhouses in their suburbs.

New DLC vehicles

We just wish Rockstar would unlock the Lost MC Slam Van which is already in the game, but unavailable in the multiplayer mode. Also, we would definitely miss the Duke O' Death, which is currently limited to the single-player mode.

Next on our wishlist would be highly-customisable vehicles with low-cost upgrade parts as the Lowrider update simply failed on this count, especially given its highly-expensive upgrades despite featuring some low-cost vehicles.

Finally, the GTA community would appreciate the idea of having more variety in the type of bikes we get with the Biker DLC. Apart from the choppers and cruiser bikes, we would like to see some superbikes that could be used for cross-country races or marathon races in GTA Online.