GTA 5 Online: Biker DLC hidden details, new vehicles and secret features revealed in official 4K screenshots

Rockstar's 4K screenshots for GTA Online Biker DLC reveals a bunch of hidden details including new vehicles and secret gameplay features.

Rockstar Games has just rolled out a couple of new 4K-resolution screenshots for the forthcoming Biker DLC in GTA Online while the GTA community anxiously awaits the release of next title update for GTA 5. Meanwhile, prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has revealed some intriguing hidden details, new vehicles, and secret features for the upcoming Biker update in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online.

Ross talks about a bunch of images in 4K resolution as he describes the hidden details pertaining to the game content in the highly-anticipated Biker DLC for the multiplayer mode in GTA 5.

In the first screenshot, we can see a bunch of bikers riding their motorcycles together wherein Rockstar is expected to create a public lobby for the Bikers organisation along the lines of CEO missions in Finance and Felony DLC. In other words, you will not have a choice of restricting the lobby to your friends and buddies in GTA Online.

One closer look at this picture actually gives away the fact that there are eight or nine bikers riding their motorcycles together in a single lobby. Furthermore, Rockstar Games has already confirmed via Newswire that there will be a maximum of eight people within an MC group during Biker missions in the game.

As Ross admits, you can zoom-in to identify the man with a beard and sleeveless outfit in the same screenshot. There is also the mark of a yellow crew-logo or some badge on his shirt, which is masked in the image.

The YouTuber speculates that the badge could actually indicate the player's position in the biker gang such as the President, CEO and so on. One might recall that players had similar positions in the Lost and The Damned DLC for GTA 4.

It is now possible to identify the various bike models (see screenshot above) in the forthcoming DLC, with due to credit to GTA Forum member Lumi, who has leaked this information online. The complete list of identifiable bike models include Zombie, Nightblade, Hexer, Diabolus, Deamon and Wayfarer as depicted in the screenshot.

To be precise, you can notice four Zombie bikes, a Diabolus (purple) bike, a Deamon or Wayfarer (blue) bike as well as one Hexer and one Nightblade bike in the image.

As Ross explains, the Diabolus bike can be identified by its unique handle-bar design and foot print. Furthermore, the Hexer and the Nightblade have long been part of the game wherein the former is available in GTA 5 while the latter was last seen in GTA 4.

Consequently, it is speculated that the Biker update will bring a mix of older motorcycles from GTA 4 and new ones from GTA 5. The motorcycle wheels on the Zombie version looks more crisp and appealing with high-detail in contrast to the dull and worn out look of the Deamon's wheels.

It is almost certain that the Biker update will add a new Biker Mechanic shop wherein you could upgrade all your motorcycle accessories and parts including the wheels, tyres and more.

Moving on to the second screenshot (above), one can identify the man standing at the entrance of a drug store wearing a black-leather pant with glossy finish. One closer look at his hairs will actually confirm that he had a fresh haircut.

The screenshot (below) also reveals that the drug-collectors inside the stores are wearing just the inner-garments including panties and bras in order to prevent any possibility of theft from these NPCs in the game. Furthermore, it is almost certain that the NPCs are storing cocaine and other similar narcotic drugs in the stores.

You will also notice two unarmed guards wherein one is guarding the entrance while the other is supervising the work inside the drug-store. In other words, the picture reveals exactly six NPCs including four drug-collectors and two security guards, as well as one player entering the drug-store.

The background in the image clearly reveals medicines in bottled up containers on top of the shelves. It is clearly evident from the screenshot that if you are doing good business with buying and selling drugs then your drug-stores will have more stocks at your disposal especially as you expand your business with bigger profits.

For instance, a brand-new biker gang will have empty shelves at the start and gradually it should be filled up, as you complete missions and earn access to more contrabands. Given the position of the windows inside the stores, it is almost certain that the biker gangs will have their contrabands stored underground or in basement-storage facilities.

One can also notice a garage door to the left which can come in handy for loading up goods or stocking up supplies from the delivery vans and trucks. There is also a hint of the drug-mixer equipment seen in the background of the last image.