GTA 5 Online Biker DLC: 10 amazing hidden details and secret features you must explore

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals ten new hidden details and secret features in Biker update for GTA Online.

GTA Online Bikers DLC
GTA 5 Online Biker DLC: 10 amazing hidden details and secret features you must explore Rockstar Games

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross has uncovered ten amazing secret features and hidden details in the new Bikers update for GTA Online, with due credit to a recent post on GTA forums. In his latest gameplay video for GTA Online, Ross explains that several of these hidden features have been shared by veteran members of the GTA community in support forums.

Riding Formation Assistance

Members of GTA Online Bikers community can now enjoy health and armour bonuses while riding their bikes in predefined formation, which is a special addition to the latest DLC in GTA 5.

Basically, there are two types of ride formation assistance in the Biker DLC: Open Formation and Lead Formation. In Open Formation, it does not matter who is in the lead. In the Lead Formation, however, the President will be leading the group of bikers.

When in Lead Formation, the bikers who are following the President will be given a speed boost or deceleration to match the speed of his bike.

For instance, if the President in the lead formation is riding the fastest bike in the game, the Hakuchou Drag. Then all the MC members following him will get a speed boost even if they are riding a lower-class bike such as the Faggio.

On the contrary, if the President is riding the Faggio and if the MC members are riding the Hakuchou then the latter's bikes will experience a deceleration to match up with the speed of the Faggio.

The Riding Formation Assistance feature can be accessed via the MC group interaction menu.

Easter-Eggs in Motorcycle Clubhouses

First of the two Easter-Eggs pertains to a reference to Lost MC member, Johnny Klebitz, wherein this character can be found on the front page of the newspaper placed on the office desk inside any of the MC clubhouses.

In the second Easter-Egg, we can take a look at the bathroom inside the clubhouse wherein you will notice the painting of a skull-bike pasted on one side of the wall. It is widely speculated that the bike could make its way into GTA Online with the upcoming Halloween's update.

Ross adds that there are several other Easter-Eggs scattered around the clubhouses in the game.

Different roles to assign your biker gang

Using the MC-player-interaction menu, you could assign various roles to your biker-gang members such as Road Captain, Enforcer, Sgt-at-Arms and Vice President.

A Road Captain is expected to possess the ability to spawn a Buzzer and each of your MC group members will have a special ability that separates them from the rest.

Weird BMX glitch

Next up in the list of secret features, the GTA community is abuzz with a weird BMX bike glitch wherein one can float in thin air while making a bungee-hopping on their BMX bike. There is a particular sequence of control keys (see video) that you need to press and then the character will glitch out, before the bike starts floating in the air.

New Bike Melee feature

You can now use sidekicks while riding the bike as your new melee-attack move. Just hold the Square button and hit the left or right bumper to trigger the melee action.

Tip#1: When you equip your fist as the melee weapon, the sidekick will be activated. If you are equipping some baseball bat, axe or machete, then you can activate side-swings with the left and right bumper buttons.

Tip#2: Although you cannot sidekick other players in passive mode, you could still kick NPCs and pedestrians across Los Santos and Blaine County while in passive mode.

Tip#3: You can avoid paying the property tax for the MC business establishments by becoming the CEO of the organisation. Being a CEO, you will not have access to special-melee abilities while riding the motorcycle.

Tip#4: MC missions can now be done within the Heist planning room and you can explore new locations with all the Biker gang missions in the game.

Tip#5: The Lost MC Clubhouse is now open and accessible during a biker mission in GTA Online.

Tip#6: Tequi-La-La is also accessible in the game wherein you can enter the building during one of the MC missions.

New Adversary Modes

According to prolific GTA tipster, Funmw2 aka Fun De Bowling, a new adversary mode called Deadline is now available and when you complete this mission, you can unlock an exclusive new vehicle and outfits for purchase.

To be precise, you can unlock the Shotaro bike when you successfully complete or win the Adversary mode.

Another new Adversary mode called Angels vs Devils will be coming out shortly (probably with the Halloween update) in GTA Online wherein the Angels can only score during the day while the Devils score during the night. You can kill a player who has scored during their half of the day and make their team to lose a point.