GTA 5: New money scam hits the online community

New money scam disguising as some Paypal account hits the GTA Online community.

GTA Online has recently seen a spate of in-game exploits, glitches, and hacks as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross sheds some light on the newly unearthed money scam in the game. The scam is reportedly targeted at random users through anonymous emails disguising in the form of PayPal accounts.

The sender's name shows up as and requests the user to send some specified amount in US dollars to some member of Seven Sins by clicking on the "Pay now" button.

Ross has shared an interesting screenshot in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online, which reveals the content of the entire email:

One glance at the email suggests that you are being threatened to pay some fee in order to avoid suspension of your YouTube account, owing to the illegal use of some copyright material pertaining to Rockstar and Take Two Interactive. Quite amusingly, the person sending this email claims to be from Rockstar.

Ross points out a few things to help identify that it is a fake email. If you click on the triangle button under the sender's name, you can actually see that the source of the email is not Paypal. Instead, the origin of the email is some random Gmail account which reads: "".

Another big reason why this seems to be a scam is that the sender's name keeps changing every time. It could be something like Bob, Ryan, Steven, and so on.

Pointing to a few other discrepancies, Ross suggests that the email's formatting style has some inconsistencies such as capitalising and non-capitalizing certain words. For instance, 'R' is capitalised for Rockstar while 'G' is not capitalised for Games as in Rockstar Games.

Rockstar has always allowed posting of in-game footage on YouTube by users as far as they complied with the End User Terms and Agreement. So, any such emails demanding penal fees for uploading GTA content on YouTube is simply unjust and uncalled for.

The YouTuber concludes that it is still unclear if the message originated from Seven Sins forum or if it came from elsewhere. Either way, users are cautioned not to fall prey to such illegitimate claims in the name of Rockstar or Take Two Interactive.

Do let us know if you have received any such fake emails or if you have been cheated with such false claims, in the comments section below.