GTA 5 Finance and Felony Update: How to get any new car for free in GTA Online

YouTuber Thirst Tuber reveals 'Any Car for Free' glitch in GTA Online, following the release of Finance and Felony update.

Veteran YouTuber Thirsty Tuber has revealed a new method to get any new vehicle or car for free using a glitch in GTA Online. It is better known as 'Any Car for Free' glitch as you no longer need to duplicate an existing car like you do with the popular car-duplication and unlimited money glitches in GTA Online.

Here is how you do it:

  • Just enter one of your 10 car garage and then exit GTA Online. Then go to the offline mode.
  • In single player mode, navigate to travel and transport on your in-game cellphone and then open website. You may not notice the Vapid FMJ in the list of cars or you may not have unlocked it yet.
  • Now put the cursor in the browser URL field and type in as follows: "" wherein 'ap' stands for apartment, '1' stands for the number of the apartment, (1 for first or 2 for second and so on) and v stands for the vehicle, followed by the vehicle name (z-type) that you want to replace and 's00s'. Then finally add the 'Vapid FMJ' as the replacement vehicle name followed by 's00s' for the same apartment.
  • Now you will encounter the 404 Error. Just repeatedly spam your left-click button on the middle of 404 sign for around 10 times. Then move the cursor over to the x symbol and click it five times to close the browser window.
  • Now quickly go back to the game's main menu and select Online > Play GTA Online. Note: You have to do this quickly else the game will not load the changes you made to your apartment garage's inventory and the glitch will fail.
  • Once you are back in GTA Online, just head over to your apartment garage and you will notice the z-type has been replaced with the new Vapid FMJ in its slot.
  • For further assistance, check out Thirsty Turbo's video tutorial below:

Update: It seems the glitch got recently patched up by Rockstar. However, there are a few car-duplication glitches (working on all consoles) doing the rounds and you can check them out in the video-guide (below).