GTA 5 Finance and Felony DLC trailer: New supercars, hidden details and more revealed

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals complete breakdown and analysis of new trailer for Finance and Felony DLC.

Rockstar Games has recently released its highly-anticipated game trailer for the Finance and Felony DLC in GTA Online while renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW explains all the hidden details and other exciting things that you might have missed in the trailer.

With the hype and excitement building up ahead of the DLC's release on 7 June, it is only befitting to get a glimpse of what's coming next in GTA Online. MrBossFTW aka Ross has conveniently broken down all the minute details that you may have missed at first glance in the 50-second long trailer.

In the first screenshot depicted in the trailer (above), you can see two vehicles namely: a new version of Enus Windsor Cabrio and the Macbatsu Mule (rear view).

It is, however, unclear if this Mule (goods truck) is an armoured or the regular version. However, a closer look suggests that its wheels have been beefed up to look bigger with wider wheelbase.

In the next screenshot, you can see the warehouse with large boxed containers scattered all over the place.

One such box carries a label reading "Human Organ for transplant", which suggests that we might be transporting human organs in one of the DLC missions. In addition, you can see a box of Samsung rebranded TV and some container filled with Deludamol drugs.

Moving on to the next snapshot, you will see three executives and their group leader walking across the warehouse which also carries a nifty caption that says, "Traffic Illicit Cargo and Contraband".

Just below the caption in the image, there are also some boxes of weapons and explosives that you will be smuggling as contraband, during one the missions in Finance and Felony DLC in GTA Online.

In the next frame, you will see the huge collection of cargo including music equipment, clothing and jewellery, painting and weapons, which are all arranged in rows of standing shelves inside the warehouse.

Another screenshot depicts an SUV with a soft top and the armoured hood and grille on its front, suggesting that it is the armoured version of the Benefactor Serrano. Apart from the armoured window panels and side plates, the Serrano will also feature the highly-desirable bullet-proof tyres like every other armoured car in GTA Online.

In the next screenshot, the Windsor Cabrio is seen in the foreground while a new passenger plane with a new three-striped paint job appears in the background. Going by the looks of the plane and the presence of six windows, it is almost certain that it will be a six-seater passenger plane.

Coming to the supercars, you will also see the close-up screenshot of the Pegassi Reaper depicting the design aesthetics of its front grille and hood, besides the stunning look of its stock wheels.

In the next shot, you can see a green-coloured exotic supercar which appears to be a Vapid-make, given its aerodynamic looks and curves on the hood with a slick finish.

Finally, you will see the Grotti supercar with Xeon headlights standing in the centre and flocked by two other supercars on its sides.

It is still unclear if the new Grotti and Vapid models would be featured in the sports or supercars category. However, Ross makes a wild guess that they could indeed make it into the sports class.

It is also evident from the screenshots that we will be getting prestigious new offices in the Maze Bank arena. Given the fact that Maze Bank is one of the most iconic spots in GTA Online, the new offices could as well be among the most expensive buildings in the game.

Another screenshot taken inside one of these new office buildings depicts four organisation members huddling around a conference table and discussing their strategy with the use of a gigantic miniaturised-map of Los Santos and Blaine County.

Rockstar has also shared an over-the-top view of this screenshot, wherein the group leader can be seen holding a pistol or revolver in his right hand and several red markers are seen scattered across the map. These markers could indeed point to warehouse locations or some new safe-houses that could be eventually purchased within the game.

The notable point is that there are no markers in the map area comprising Blaine County and Paleto Bay, which indicates that all the Finance and Felony DLC missions could be concentrated with the boundaries of Los Santos for some reason.

You will also have the ability to hire an executive assistant to take care of your daily chores in the office. Also, you could probably customise the name of your office and that will be shown as the banner board at the front desk of your office.

Among other interesting things, the rest of the screenshots depict the interiors of the office including a safe box and CEO's room, a new helicopter (probably a six or an eight-seater) similar to the Swift, a tug boat from GTA 4, two-armoured variants of the Bravado Rumpo, an armoury to one of the office buildings, a red cargo bob and an armoured truck, besides a hint of Assassination missions.

If you are still sceptical, check out Ross's complete breakdown and analysis of the trailer in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online:

This article was first published on June 3, 2016