GTA 5 Finance and Felony DLC: Ten new features that make CEO system flawless

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals ten new fan ideas that could make CEO system flawless in GTA Online.

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has revealed ten new features that could make the existing CEO system nearly flawless in GTA Online, based on GTA fan suggestions on Reddit, YouTube and other online community forums.

It may be recalled that Ross had done a similar video on seven new changes and fixes to improve the existing CEO system in GTA Online, following the release of Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC. Curious gamers may check out the embedded video comprising those seven feature ideas below:

Here is the new set of interesting ideas put forth by the GTA fan-community and shared by Ross in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online:

Forklift for Warehouse

The forklift basically enables you to move around the cargo objects within your warehouse. For instance, you can move all your special items such as the egg, the big foot hide and the pocket-watch, and arrange them in a row or stack them up in a single column, using the forklift.

This tool is particularly useful if you want to arrange similar items in one shelf, so that you know where exactly to find a specific item when you need them. You could also arrange all your weapons and drugs into separate shelves for easy access and utmost convenience.

Inventory Consolidation

For instance, let's consider you have two large warehouses wherein one of the warehouses have stored 40 crates and the other warehouse holds around 70 crates. The catch here is to move all the crates into a single warehouse, so that you can save time on moving back and forth while picking up cargo for sale.

The other obvious advantage lies in consolidation of your inventory wherein it is easier to defend a single large warehouse from enemy attacks rather than two large warehouses during CEO missions. Higher the number of warehouses you own, greater will be the risk while transporting goods to and fro the warehouse.

Single-player type property-management missions and Club-management scenarios from GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Ross explains that the CEOs in the game should have more responsibility instead of just sitting idle at their high-rise office buildings and monitoring the VIP missions or doing simple buying and selling missions.

As a CEO of the organisation, it would be an intriguing prospect if you could do some property management or expand your empire by indulging in territorial gang wars or capture and/or destroy your rival's property.

The CEO profile could also borrow a few property-management gameplay elements from single-player characters like Michael, Trevor or Franklin, and some club-management tasks as seen in one of the Ballad of Gay Tony missions in GTA 4.

CEOs to have the ability to buy luxurious properties around Los Santos

Some of the noteworthy landmark buildings which still remain untouched in GTA Online such as the Night Clubs, the Restaurants, the Strip Clubs and the Bars should be available for CEO purchase.

Consequently, your organisation would be ranked higher than others after you purchase some of these high-profile properties in the game. As most of these assets are expensive to buy, Rockstar could allow you some discounted rates on specific items that you buy or sell during CEO missions in the game.

For instance, the liquor could be cheaper when you buy the most expensive bars and night clubs in the city of Los Santos. Alternatively, drugs could become cheaper for your warehouse acquisitions once you buy a premium drug store in GTA Online.

The best part of unlocking new properties for CEO is that all GTA Online players will gain access to a bunch of unexplored places that are still locked in the game.

Increase the number of associates

Rockstar could in fact move away from the Heist blueprint which involves three associates and a leader working together to complete a mission. It would be an exciting idea to have the ability to hire more than three associates for any given job as tougher tasks may need more man power.

Although the idea of having more than 10 associates seems illogical as it will lead to the monopoly of the game lobby, we could do just fine with around three to eight associates permitted to do a single job or CEO mission in the game.

Ability to store our personal vehicles inside the CEO office

It makes a lot of sense to drive an armoured car out of the CEO office, especially when the lobby is full of pranksters who are just waiting to play spoilsport by killing the CEO at first sight. This could become really frustrating if you are preparing for a mission and keep getting shot down repeatedly in the game.

Not to mention, all the high-rise CEO buildings do have an integrated garage-facility. So, the ability to store personal vehicles inside the office gains precedence in this context.

More creativity with the naming and signboard of CEO office

A bit of customisation options for creating new names for your office and the ability to change the signboard or logo of the organisation could come in handy. In addition, it would be a great idea if we could advertise the organisation name and theme on the outer walls of the building.

Even the interiors of the office such as the CEO desk and the conference room should be decorated with the crew emblem or the organisation emblem. And if we could add those special CEO emblems to our personal vehicles then that could change the static-style of gameplay and bring more replay value to the game.

Ability to change the CEO's appearance and costumes

The executives and associates should formally display the style and attitude of the organisation with fully-customised costumes, head-gear and weaponry for various CEO missions. For instance, you could get a custom outfit like Steve Jobs or some desert-gang costume depending on your style of gameplay.

Furthermore, CEOs could decide what costumes the entire team comprising the associates, bodyguards, and the executive assistant would wear for a particular mission.

Organisational discount

The organisational discount will determine the price of the items you buy or sell in GTA Online. For instance, let's consider that you sell a million dollars worth of guns, ammo and armoury stock. Consequently, you could avail a 10% discount on all items that you buy as a CEO of the organisation via AmmuNation.

The same discount concept could apply for clothing or jewellery, based on how much money's worth of goods you have sold from your warehouse in GTA Online.

Undoubtedly, these fan ideas could be a cool way of extending the longevity of the Finance and Felony DLC, besides exploring new possibilities with the CEO buying and selling missions.