GTA 5 Finance and Felony DLC: Pegassi Reaper vs Osiris vs Progen T20 supercars showdown revealed

YouTuber MrBossFTW has revealed an exhaustive speed test comprising the fastest supercars and sports cars in GTA Online.

Avid racing maniacs in GTA Online are in for some exciting news as the prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross has shared the ultimate supercar speed test for the fastest cars in the game. The latest supercar Pegassi Reaper will be compared with its predecessors like the Pegassi Osiris and Progen T20 in a 1000m drag race as depicted in Ross' latest gameplay video for GTA Online.

Basically, the test compares the latest supercar's top speed and acceleration with the older ones to determine if the Reaper will indeed beat the odds to emerge as the fastest supercar in GTA Online. The speed performance test will also determine if the new supercars like the Reaper and the Vapid FMJ are really worth buying, especially if you already own the Progen T20 or the Osiris.

Here is the list of supercars and sports cars in the descending order of their performance in the straight-line speed test:

Progen T20

As Ross explains in his demo video, the Progen T20 appears to be the fastest car in the game with a time trial score of 21.923 and 21.889 seconds (s) in successive attempts for completing a 1000m straight-line drag race.

Banshee 900R

The Banshee 900R reportedly finishes second in the straight-line race with a time trial score of 21.995s which is marginally slower than the Progen T20. The negligible speed difference between the 900R and the T20 could be attributed to their identical top speeds as there is very little emphasis on acceleration in a drag or straight-line racing.

Pegassi Osiris

The Osiris is quite surprisingly slower than the Banshee 900R despite being one of the most expensive supercars in GTA 5. In its first attempt, the Osiris clocked 22.324s, and a second time at 22.191s.

Vapid FMJ

In line with our expectations, the Vapid FMJ grabs the fourth spot in the supercar speed test clocking 22.525s and 22.591s in two successive time trial attempts.

Consequently, it is evident that Vapid FMJ could more or less perform along the lines of Pegassi Osiris in a circuit race after the full engine, brake and suspension upgrades.

On the flip side, the Progen T20 is almost a full second faster than the FMJ in a 1000m drag race which could prove to be critical in marathon or endurance races with multiple laps.

Pegassi Reaper

The Pegassi Reaper turns out to be the slowest of all the five supercars tested in the straight-line drag race, given its poor time-trial scores of 22.892s and 22.925s. This is especially disappointing considering all the hype it received in the run-up to the release of Finance and Felony DLC in GTA Online.

We could have hoped for something better in the supercar line-up, but it seems that the speed and performance of the supercars in GTA 5 are directly proportional to their purchase cost in the game. So, it is unlikely that Rockstar would give us a cheaper supercar that could compete with the best and the most expensive such as the Progen T20.

Grotti Bestia GTS

Moving on to the sports class, the new DLC brought us only one car from this category which is the Grotti Bestia GTS. As Ross points out, the GTS clocked an impressive time of 22.925s in its first attempt while the second attempt was a bit disappointing as it clocked a sluggish 23.058s which is the slowest of all cars being tested in the sports category.

Dewbauchee Massacro

The Massacro is touted to be the fastest sports car in GTA Online with impressive time-trial scores of 22.591s and 22.690s which is almost half-a-second faster than the Grotti Bestia GTS.

Dinka Jester

As the YouTuber concludes in his speed comparison test, the Dinka Jester is tied with the Grotti at second place as it clocks at 22.925s in comparison to the latter's 22.958s.