GTA 5 Finance and Felony DLC: Money making strategy to stay rich in GTA Online

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals some intriguing tips and tricks to stay rich in GTA Online, ahead of the DLC release.

GTA Online community is abuzz with the hype surrounding the release of highly-anticipated Finance and Felony DLC for GTA 5 on 7 June while the renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) offers some intriguing tips and tricks to save or make big money, ahead of the DLC release.

As Ross explains in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online, it is imperative to buy only the bare necessities that help you complete the CEO missions in Finance and Felony DLC.

In other words, you will only need to buy a couple of things to complete the DLC missions successfully: a skyscraper office building, a warehouse and the eligibility criteria to become a CEO.

It is still not clear what would be the eligibility factor in terms of monetary assets to become a CEO. For instance, you need at least $1m in-game bank balance to qualify for the post of a VIP in GTA Online.

The veterans of the GTA community believe that a CEO will have a similar kind of capping on monetary assets as a means of qualification criteria.

Apart from the monetary assets evaluation, you could be spending a couple of million dollars on acquiring a strategically placed CEO office building and a warehouse for facilitating organisational business operations. The cost of these buildings could vary depending on the location you choose as well as the business perks and viewpoints being offered with each property.

Given the high investment you make for starting the CEO missions, it is likely that you will make millions with each mission completed successfully.

However, GTA Online gamers could save a huge chunk of money by holding back their temptation to upgrade existing armoured vehicles such as the Kurumas and Benefactor Shafter V12s. The point is that you get no additional benefits other than bullet proof tyres and body armour.

The sole exception is vehicles with explosive-resistant armour, which may be useful only for certain missions as most of them involve wild chases across the highways with mini-guns firing on you from all sides.

Those who are short of cash could wait until the Friday when Rockstar is likely to announce a new Weekend event with massive discounts on vehicles and items in GTA Online. So, that could save you a lot of money, especially if you intend to buy new DLC vehicles, clothing and other items.

Considering the possible upfront cost for setting up the CEO missions, it is likely that you will earn somewhere around $100,000 to $200,000 per mission after splitting the individual share of money with your bodyguards and accomplices.

The average time taken to clear or complete each CEO mission would be another big factor that could decide how fast you are going to make money with the new DLC. If VIP and Heist missions are considered the benchmark, then we could expect each mission to last anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes of actual gameplay.

Going by Rockstar's own standard of setting up the in-game payment system based on time spent on a mission, it is very likely that CEO missions will be the most lucrative ones in the game till date.

It is still not known if you could take up the CEO missions without being the VIP of an organisation or if that becomes the eligibility criteria. Nevertheless, investing into CEO assets should definitely be more lucrative than the VIP missions for the sole reason that you will be buying new million-dollar worth of properties to aid in your business.

Being the CEO of an organisation, you are likely to decide the pay-cut for each member and also assign their designated roles for each mission.

As Ross explains, we could be making a different amount of money depending upon the kind of items we sell through our warehouse such as electronics, clothing, jewellery and drugs, among other things.

For instance, those items which are extremely hard to acquire such as smuggled weapons, contraband drugs and human organs could fetch us more money than the legally acquired goods.