GTA 5 Cunning Stunts update: Mysterious Car Customisation Mod Shop found in DLC files

YouTuber MrBossFTW unravels the mystery behind the highly-rumoured Car Customisation Mod Shop found in GTA Online DLC files.

The internet is abuzz with news of some mysterious Car Customisation Mod Shop being spotted in DLC files of Cunning Stunts update while renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has unravelled the mystery behind the Car Mod Shop in GTA Online. As Ross explains, several videos pertaining to the mysterious Car Mod Shop have recently surfaced online via YouTube while none of them seem to be convincing enough.

The leaked info pertaining to the Cunning Stunts DLC files have been credited to a fellow YouTuber Fordmad44 Gaming (@fordmad44), who has recently revealed some exquisite details about the Car Mod Shop via Twitter.

One glance at the first screenshot (above) suggests that it mirrors the design elements of a standard Mod Shop like the Benny's Motor Works in GTA Online while being as spacious as any standard garage. In one of the other screenshots (below), there is also a Banshee without its hood atop one of the lifts inside the building.

In line with earlier speculation, Rockstar Games is almost certain to roll out a Car Customisation Mod Shop for Cunning Stunts DLC in GTA Online and the leaked screenshots further strengthen this claim.

Some of the common stunt upgrades that could be performed at the Custom Mod Shop include roll-bars, crazy-stunt cages, different stunting wheels and some custom lighting upgrades. According to info obtained from prolific GTA tipster Yan2295, there is a specific game code termed as "Car Mod 2" in the leaked DLC files pertaining to Cunning Stunts update, which invariably points to the Car Mod Shop.

Furthermore, it is confirmed that these files originated from the PS4 and Xbox One version of GTA 5 wherein the files seem to be partially complete and inaccessible within the game. The DLC files actually date back to 2014, but they were never used in the game as it seemed incomplete.

It must be noted that the files were existed as early as a year before the Lowriders update was released in GTA Online. Meanwhile, Ross further speculates that the screenshots (above) could actually point to the beta version of Benny's Motor Works, as they are inaccessible anywhere in the game.

According to Yan's theory, the Collision files are nowhere related to the actual game files as it pertains to pre-development stages of the game. It does not feature any game textures or graphics rendering of in-game objects and hence not even close to being part of the final release version.

On the other hand, Ross reiterates that the screenshots look very similar to those from the development stages of Benny's Motor Works and hence they are likely to be the beta versions of Benny's shop in GTA Online.

Rockstar could continue churning out new Car Mod Shops like it did with Benny's Motor Works for the Lowriders update and the Los Santos Customs. As Ross explains, Rockstar had previously opened up existing buildings or modified them suitably to bring out the Car Mod Shops in the game.

Ross sums up that the leaked photos depicting the Car Mod shop refers to the Loco Loco garage, which is touted to be the beta version of Benny's Motor Works.

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