Rockstar Games has launched the Cunning Stunts DLC trailer for GTA Online just a day ago while prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross has revealed some brand new supercars, hidden details and everything else that you could have missed from the new DLC trailer, in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online.

Avid GTA Online racers should be really excited with Rockstar's recent announcement about the new death-defying stunt races that enable you to speed through gigantic rings of fire while also performing some breathtakingly-stunning upside-down loops and launching your ride off the elevated ramps for an insane free-fall.

Apart from those obvious racing details, the DLC trailer brings some intriguing hidden information that could make your wait for the Cunning Stunts update more worthwhile.

New supercars, hidden details and everything else you should know

  • In the first screenshot (zoomed in), you can see three race drivers walking towards the camera, wearing new racing suits. The guy in the left is seen with the Red Grotti suit with the Bank of Liberty sponsorship logo on the jacket and on the front side of the trousers. A new red helmet goes with the suit matching with the red and white theme of his dress code.
  • Another guy in the middle is seen wearing the red, white and blue themed racing suit that is synonymous with the antagonist's attire in some Hollywood blockbuster racing movie. Once again you might notice that the colour theme of his suit matches with the white helmet.
  • On the extreme right, you will see a female character wearing black in black overalls including the helmet for a stunning black-cat commando-like looks.
  • In the same screenshot (zoomed out), you can see three brand new vehicles coming in this update. First up on the left, there is a Redwood branded livery vehicle painted in red and white. Going by the looks of it, it appears to be some sort of a racing muscle-car with its design cues borrowed from the Obey car in GTA 5.
  • Out in the centre (background), there is a trophy truck with flame decals on the front and sides, and on the far-right we get to see the new supercar with its design cues borrowed from Mazda 787B. The supercar somehow has a newly designed racing custom wheel endorsed by Atomic.
  • In the next screenshot (above), you can see that a race begins with a downward slide through a giant atomic-tyre and the track running right across the Grapeseed suburbs overlooking the Alamo Sea in GTA Online.
  • The next screen capture hints at a racing event taking place in the middle of Downtown, Los Santos. There are a set of new ramps and elevated structures going over buildings in the vicinity of the Maze Bank and a few other landmark buildings in the background.
  • The next one reveals the Orange tubing structure which appears to be somewhere near Trevor's Airfield. Another glance at some of the objects in the background confirms a giant atomic-tyre mini-tunnel on one side and a mini-bowling-pen at the other.
  • Next up, we can see the same Obey Tailgate car which we saw in the opening screenshot on one side and a new Lampadati vehicle. It is still unclear if the Lampadati would be a regular-sports car or a sports classic. Tip #1: Don't miss the new skyscraper racing tube passing overhead of the Maze Bank building.
  • Rockstar has also offered an exclusive frontal screenshot for the new DLC cars wherein you can easily spot three new variants of the Obey vehicle and multiple models of the Lampadati car we just saw in an earlier screenshot.
  • Custom-colour variations, sponsorship themed decals and liveries will be the order of the day when you personalize or customize your rig for Cunning Stunts DLC in GTA Online.
  • Also, enjoy speed boosts whenever you take that extra risk of driving crazy on the tubular race track. On the downside, be prepared to Rock n Roll your car across floating obstacles and moving fan-blades that often surface in the middle of nowhere. Tip #2: Unlike the regular obstacles, the fan-blades are capable of blowing up your car at the slightest of impact damage.
  • Another little tidbit indicates that the new DLC supercar will be available in at least two colour variants namely white and blue, and white and yellow.
  • Tip #3: Experience great speed boosts while making insane jumps and stunts across gigantic ramps and elevated structures.
  • Tip #4: Another rare blue-and-white racing-suit has been spotted in the wild as depicted in the new Cunning Stunts DLC trailer.
  • Tip #5: The rally-racing truck or trophy truck is likely to make its debut in GTA Online as suggested by one of Rockstar's stills from the newest Cunning Stunts DLC trailer. There is also a sleek and stylish brand new bike in one of the screenshots, which could be specifically meant for stunting.
  • Tip #6: One of the screenshots in the official DLC trailer also hint at the arrival of Principe Electro bike in races for the first time in the game.

Check out the rest of the new DLC vehicles, which will make their way into GTA Online with Cunning Stunts update via Ross' latest gameplay video below: