GTA 5 Cunning Stunts DLC: New fastest unreleased vehicles speed comparison test revealed

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals the fastest unreleased vehicles in his latest speed comparison test for Cunning Stunts DLC in GTA Online.

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross walks us through the comprehensive speed-test comparison for all unreleased vehicles in Cunning Stunts update for GTA 5 via his latest gameplay video for GTA Online. Basically, each of the upcoming DLC cars will be put through a straight-line or drag-speed test wherein the unreleased Cunning Stunts vehicles will be compared against the quickest vehicles already in the game.

Ross explains that he will spawn each of his test cars in single-player mode and go to a certain spot in the Airport wherein the car's rear-tyre is parked right at the location where the concrete ends. Then he will save that as a spawn location, so that each time the test car will spawn at the exact same spot.

Furthermore, this speed test comparison does not make use of speed-boosting tactics like revving up the engine or pre-accelerating the car tyres. As Ross admits, the first test involves comparing the speed of all five new DLC vehicles at once including the Drift Tampa, the Ocelot Lynx, the Rally Truck, the Contender and the Western Cliffhanger.

Quite astonishingly, the Cliffhanger (race bike) is the fastest vehicle in Cunning Stunts DLC as per the YouTuber's speed-test analysis while the Ocelot Lynx finishes as the second best in the straight-line drag race aka Sprint. The Drift Tampa takes the third position, the Vapid Contender finishes fourth and the Rally Truck in the fifth as elaborated by Ross in his newest gameplay video for GTA Online.

It must be noted that all the vehicles featured in this race are fully upgraded using the auto-upgrade functionality via Los Santos Customs (LSC).

In the second test comprising the sports car category, Ross compares the Drift Tampa with the Dewbauchee Massacro wherein the latter is significantly faster than the former.

The next speed test compares the Dinka Jester with the Tampa wherein both the cars finish the race in almost identical timings. However, the Jester is marginally quicker by a fraction of a second and this is barely noticeable in real racing circuits wherein handling and braking will become key aspects of winning a race, besides the car's speed and acceleration capabilities.

In the fourth test, the Benefactor Feltzer goes up against the Tampa in the straight-line drag race wherein the former is slightly faster hitting the finish line a bit quicker than the latter.

The Dewbauchee Massacro is thrown up against the Ocelot Lynx in the next drag race wherein the former once again emerges as the winner with its sublime top-speed and acceleration. Meanwhile, the Lynx and the Jester go almost neck-to-neck in their epic race down to the wire while the latter just scrapes past the finish line.

The final race brings the Ocelot Lynx up against the Benefactor Feltzer wherein both the cars match up precisely in their top speed and acceleration as their battle for supremacy goes down the wire. But, once again the Feltzer nudges just ahead of the Lynx by a whisker, right at the finish line.

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