GTA 5: Biggest GTA Online bonuses bring massive discounts and bad news for future DLCs

Rockstar Games introduces massive discounts on in-game vehicle purchases for the event weekend starting 16 September.

Rockstar Games has announced a massive 25% discount on weapons, ammunition and body armour purchased through AmmuNation, and a hefty 50% discount on military vehicles bought from Warstock Cache and Carry as part of this week's event bonuses in GTA Online. Avid GTA Online gamers can also earn double GTA$ and RP in Drop Zone and parachuting events through the weekend starting 16 September to 22 September.

Enjoy 50% off on all Merryweather services through the weekend till 22 September including Ammo Drops, Boat and Helicopter Pickups, calls to Mercenaries and more. Don't forget to grab the armoured Karin Kuruma, which now sells at 25% discount on its original price.

A new Stunt Race called "Threading the Needle" is now open for all bikers as this week's premium event with hefty GTA$ payouts for top-three finishers at the end of race. Not to mention, you can grab triple RP bonuses for just participating in the racing event. The race can be invoked by heading over to the yellow marker in Legion Square or opening the Quick Job app via in-game phone.

Apart from the good news, the event week update also brings the omen of bad news for future DLC updates in GTA Online as explained by renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross in his latest GTA 5 gameplay video.

As Ross admits, the new event weekend bonus update could be really tempting to cash-strapped gamers in GTA Online as the most expensive and powerful vehicles like the Hydra are selling at half of their original price.

Prospective shoppers in GTA Online have been warned of an impending DLC release some time later this month or early next month, as we are yet to see any content update for GTA 5 from Rockstar in the last two months.

Consequently, avid GTA Online gamers are advised to resist their temptation to throw away all their hard-earned money at the lucrative offers from Rockstar and instead save some money for the forthcoming DLC investments. Otherwise, you may be forced to buy shark cards or grind out the most-challenging missions to get back some money for acquiring new DLC items.

Tip #1: Rockstar has never offered such massive discounts on military vehicles sold via Warstock Cache and Carry, which could actually mean that some new DLC vehicles are in the pipeline and you would need a lot more dough to shell out in the coming days.

Tip #2: GTA Online has only become more expensive with every new DLC release as we have been seeing more pricey-supercars and powerful combat-vehicles thrown into the game in recent times. So, the trend isn't going die any sooner.

Tip #3: With the latest event weekend update lasting until 22 September, Rockstar will have only eight more days left to bring out a DLC in GTA Online, which is extremely unlikely. So, the next DLC release could be pushed back into October, especially given the pattern of DLC trailers, newswire announcements and exclusive screenshots that precede the release of new title updates in GTA 5.