GST vouchers worth S$280 million to be given to 1.37 million Singaporeans

The Ministry of Finance announced that 1.37 million Singaporeans will receive GST vouchers worth 280 million Singapore Dollars

The Singapore Ministry of Finance, on November 01, issued a press release stating that 1.37 million Singaporeans will receive 280 million Singapore Dollars in GST vouchers. The new GST payout follows the cash payout of S$330 given to eligible Singaporeans on last August.

The plan of distributing GST voucher was an initiative of the 2017 Singapore budget, and it aims to help lower-income people to meet their household expenses.

People who are eligible for GST vouchers will receive up to $200 Singapore Dollars this November. People who have received previous Government payout schemes and those who received GST vouchers on August will receive the cash this time without any further action.

GST vouchers: A helping hand for lower-income people

The GST voucher distribution move of the Singapore Government is one of the noblest act ever followed by any National Government across the world. The government is keen to stabilize the life of people with lower income, and the distribution of GST vouchers will help them meet their household expenses and urgent needs.

GST Voucher

Most of the terms and conditions to receive GST vouchers are tailor-made for people with low income. For example, people who own more than one property as of December 2016 are not eligible to avail this year's GST Voucher.

Eligible citizens will soon receive a reminder to sign up with the programmer before the end of this year.