Growing need for alternative Covid vaccination strategy in the face of changing COVID-19 Epidemiology

Nura Ikhalea

The global Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on people, families, organizations, and society as a whole. Daily lives have already been drastically altered, economies have entered a slump, and many of the conventional social, political, and economic institutions have been disrupted. To prevent the progression of COVID-19 and safeguard communities, every citizen and impacted community is taking action in preventing the spread of the deadly virus. While mask-wearing, social distancing, and sanitizing are important, the only way to combat this deadly disease is through vaccination.

Nura Ikhalea, an experienced and committed healthcare professional, is striving to create a difference by contributing to the fight against Covid-19. She acknowledges how difficult it can be to fight against such a deadly virus and raise vaccine awareness, even when the authorities seem to be doing everything they can to promote the vaccine. She highlights the need to implement an alternative vaccination strategy: "Developing an alternate COVID vaccination strategy would boost population immunity and lower the present stagnation rate caused by vaccine apprehension. The alternate method will also help to minimize the rising incidence of hospital readmissions among unvaccinated individuals aged between 30 to 50 years old."

The Vaccination Approach

When the coronavirus first started spreading in early 2020, countries all over the world enacted lockdown measures and limitations to keep the virus at bay. As COVID-19 grew to unmanageable proportions, the scientific and medical community knew that vaccination would be a critical step toward resuming normalcy. Nevertheless, the vaccine development and licensing procedures are often years rather than months long.

With three vaccines now approved by the FDA, America's next challenge is to implement a well-thought-out vaccination strategy. "Our objective will be to vaccinate the most vulnerable and frontline employees first because we believe that will have the greatest impact," he said. "It is about vaccinating the most vulnerable individuals and the people who are most prone to experiencing sickness or spread the disease so that we can break transmission." The Chamber of Commerce Foundation quoted.

A Rejuvenated Spotlight on Public Health

Coordination and Planning

President Biden has devised a six-pronged, comprehensive national campaign that leverages the same science-based methodology that was used earlier this year to successfully defeat prior variants of COVID-19. This strategy will guarantee that we use every possible instrument to attack COVID-19 to save even more lives in the coming months, while also keeping schools open and secure and safeguarding our economy from lockdowns and destruction. To broaden the reach of public health and socioeconomic initiatives, these strategies have also engaged civil society and national NGOs. In fact, in Nigeria, the National Malaria Elimination Program is working with local professionals and NGOs to manage access to the national healthcare project "School Children Against Malaria" for local school children. Nura was instrumental in getting this program into more schools and also played a key role in getting proprietary patent pharmaceutical suppliers to Southwestern Nigeria to conduct Malaria and pain management courses.

Nura states that "Because the advantages of obligatory vaccination exceed the risks, a regulation should be enacted requiring everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The vaccine, for starters, helps individuals from becoming really ill even after catching the virus. Immunization also protects others around us, particularly those who are at higher risk of developing fundamental illnesses; hence, requiring more vaccination will benefit the country's economy and health."

Engage and Mobilize Communities to Limit Exposure

It is consequently critical that federal, regional, and state officials remain involved with all impacted and at-risk communities through two-way communication initiatives that are strategic, frequent, transparent, and clear. Understanding knowledge, habits, and attitudes, as well as finding the appropriate channels, healthcare professionals, and influencers to disseminate scientific and public health messages like the importance of vaccination, the importance of sanitizing as well as the importance of eating healthy to boost immunity is critical to the response's efficacy.

Education and Raising Awareness

The government, in collaboration with the general public, is working hard to ensure that people are well-informed about vaccines and that they pass this information on to everyone they know. But that's not all; a virus as dangerous as COVID needs far more than these precautions; hence, an alternative vaccine strategy will be proven successful once applied.

The alternative Covid Vaccination Strategy

"In order to stop COVID-19 from spreading and spreading, it's crucial to promote population immunity. As a result, authorities can postpone the inoculation of persons who have had a previous COVID -19 infection and shorten the duration between injections notwithstanding immunization. When compared to the current antibody-negative individual utilized, delaying vaccination might lower transmission risk by up to 90% for SARV-CoV-2." Nura answered when asked what an alternative covid vaccination strategy could be according to her.

She believes that the government has taken a great step in educating the public about the COVID-19 vaccine and that the rising incidence of COVID-19 has slowed, but with new variants appearing, the real figures must be decreased even further. Many people are adopting protective measures, such as keeping a social distance and wearing masks. The adoption of health advice such as hand washing has increased, which has helped to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

So far, the vaccine strategy has worked well, but there is always room for improvement; hence, an alternative vaccination method is required, and it is a win-win situation for the people and the economy as a whole.

This article was first published on October 28, 2021