Grim Reaper new outfit: Goblin actor Lee Dong-wook's blonde look goes viral

The Goblin actor looks dapper in blonde hair.

Lee Dong-wook
Actor Lee Dong-wook.

There is no debate that South Korean actor Lee Dog Wook, who stars as the Grim Reaper in hit television drama 'Goblin', is the hottest element about the supernatural love story. With his signature pale facial expressions and dark brown eyes, he's almost hypnotic on screen as the amnesiac Reaper. Now, some photos of the actor have surfaced online showing him sporting blonde hair and he looks shockingly different but equally captivating.

Website Koreaboo points out that photos of Lee Dong-wook in blonde hair have been going viral in Korea and fans are going crazy for the 'Goblin' actor. One particular video shows the actor shooting as a model for PAT brand. Not only does he look far removed from his melancholic Grim Reaper character in the popular tvN drama, he looks quite dashing with the shiny blonde hair.

He changed the colour of his hair in 2015, when he posed for PAT brand, as reported by dramafever. It is not clear whether the blonde hair is a wig or whether the actor coloured his hair.

In the caption of the video mentioned above, the uploader says "Lee Dong Wook with blonde hair is so breathtaking," adding the 'My Girl' actor "doesn't look like a grim reaper with blonde hair but a vampire." Dong-wook does look like a vampire. He reminds one especially of Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen in the 'Twilight' film series, and perhaps even a little bit like Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise in the terrifying Neil Jordan film of 1994, 'Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles.' He could also fit in as a cast-member in 'The Vampire Diaries.'

Will Lee Dong-wook be playing a vampire soon? He certainly has the chops in the acting department. It may even be said that Dong-wook is the best actor in 'Goblin' as he has of late, been stealing the spotlight from 'Goblin' star Gong Yoo by virtue of his hauntingly moving performance as a man coming to terms with his devastating past life. He has the weight of many a centuries on his shoulders and is the ferryman of the dead.

In fact, Lee Dong-wook has been in the news quite a few times for changing his look. Recently, he was cast as the elder version of King Wang Yeo in the flashback scenes of 'Goblin,' where he had to dress in traditional Goryeo robes and fold his hair into a bun, which was obviously an extra wig.

A role as a vampire seems well suited for this highly popular actor. Perhaps, filmmakers and producers will take cue and create the perfect new vampire incarnation for Dong-wook, for the big or small screen. For now we get to enjoy his fantastic turn as the Grim reaper; tortured soul of an ancient Goryeo king in 'Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.'

Episode 13 of 'Goblin' will air tonight. It will be followed by a special episode on January 14 and episode 14 on January 20. The final two episodes, 15 and 16 will air back-to-back on January 21, concluding the most popular k-drama.

This article was first published on January 13, 2017