Gregory Grishayev Shares His Presence of Mind While Directing & Taking Decisions

Gregory Grishayev

Someone has rightly said, "To be a good director, you have to have good life experience." It is also essential to be highly observant of your surroundings if one wants the characters in their stories to stand out. After all, extraordinary characters are found in those who appear to be ordinary. One person who has a knack for good stories and an eye for intriguing characters is European director Gregory Grishayev.

Gregory Grishayev hailed from Ukraine and started his career as a filmmaker in the year 2011. In these 11 years, Grishayev has learned, observed, and created some interesting stories. He is the man behind films/series such as Pershi lastivky, Spiymaty Kaydasha, Orel i reshka, Mr. Jones, and Early Swallows, which received a fantastic response.

For Gregory Grishayev, filmmaking is a beautiful art that is both easy and complex. Grishayev says that every person has the potential to tell a story if they know how to do it. The filmmaker is known for telling intricate stories by grabbing people's attention from the start till the end. The director says that the first step in directing a film is believing in the story. He says, "If you are not sure of the story you are going to present to the audience, you'll struggle to make it. So only turn those stories into movies in which you have full faith and trust."

Further, director Gregory Grishayev reveals what he keeps in mind while directing a film. Grishayev believes that it is crucial to find keyframes while developing a story in synch. It will help the story's flow be smooth, and the audience will quickly grasp what's happening. The director keeps his mind open to new ideas and suggestions during the filmmaking process.

For his phenomenal work, Gregory Grishayev has won several accolades. In 2018, Grishayev won Zen's Directorial Award. In 2019, he was honoured with the Ukrainian director of the year award. In 2020, the director received Atlantis Award for Best Direction.