Green zone under attack; rocket crashes into US embassy cafeteria during dinner

Actual number of fatalities is still unknown

At least one person was wounded on Sunday when three rockets came into the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad and hit the US embassy building. The attack was not claimed but the US continues to blame Iran backed militia in the country for conducting the attacks.

The region has been under heavy attacks with the previous attack on January 21 happening close to the US embassy. Sunday's attack is being marked as a part of the escalating situation where the diplomats and people from the US being under threat. Two rockets landed nearby while one rocket hit the embassy's cafeteria during dinner time.

Reports varying on how many were injured

Baghdad Green Zone
Baghdad Green Zone Wikimedia Commons

There have been varying figures about the injuries that happened during the rocket attack. AFP reported that at least one was injured while Reuters said that three were wounded. There is no definite image of how severe these injuries are or how many people were actually injured. It is also unsure who was injured during the attacks, whether it was an Iraqi official or a US diplomat.

The US officials haven't released a definite detail regarding the attack but House of Foreign affairs tweeted after the attack talking about the severity of the situation.

Green zone is under constant attacks

Iraq has been going through a tough time following the death of Qasem Soleimani. The Green Zone has come under attack a lot of times along with several other military bases in the country. Iraq was drawn into the face-off between Iran and the US amid the rising tensions, which has also raised the concern and protests in the nation. The protestors are asking for the US military to leave the country because of the constant attacks the country is facing.

Around 5,200 Americans are stationed in the country in a coalition to fight against ISIS. But the constant fear of an attack from Iran has led the country to fight off the US from the region. Several protesters were hurt during the demonstration that happened in various prominent cities in Iraq. The question of US retaliation to the rocket attacks has also created a fear in the country.