GRAPHIC VIDEO: Execution-Style Murder of Reformed Gangster Outside Kennedy Airport

The NYPD released a gruesome video of a hitman in Hasidic clothing who crept up behind a man and executed him with a bullet to the head outside Kennedy Airport.

Jermaine Dixon, a former member of the "Patio Crew" in Brooklyn, was shot dead by the unidentified killer on South Conduit Avenue Monday morning.

Shocking Queens Execution Caught on Surveillance Video

The suspect, who was wearing white gloves and a white facemask, had parked a white Nissan sedan across from Dixon's vehicle and at one point, the car's hood, trunk and driver's door were all ajar, the video shows.

As Dixon came into view, the suspect momentarily ducked under the hood before launching the attack when the victim turned to open his car door, according to the New York Post.

The killer can be seen running across to Dixon in the video and firing multiple bullets into his head as he stood just inches from him. The video then shows Dixon's body slumped over the driver's side of the car, while the gunman runs back across the street, closes his car's hood and speeds off, reported Sunnyside Post.

Gunman dressed in Hasidic clothing
Surveillance video shows gunman dressed in Hasidic clothing shoot man dead in Queens. Twitter

Gunman Disguised as a Hasidic Jew

The shooter may have been dressed as a Hasidic Jew in what appeared to be a traditional rekel and a wide brim hat, according to the Daily Mail.

He fled the scene northbound on 132nd Street inside the white Nissan sedan, police said. Officers from the 106th Precinct responded to reports of the shooting along with EMS units, who pronounced Dixon dead at the scene. The motive for the shooting remains unknown and under investigation.

Dixon: A Reformed Gangster

According to the New York Daily News, Dixon had been out of federal prison for less than a year when the disguised gunman struck on Monday, killing the reformed gangster. The ex-con had once rolled with the "Patio Crew," a name referring to a Flatbush restaurant where the gang hung out.

Dixon served 19 years for drug charges and the 1992 murder of Alphonso Gooden. Prosecutors said that Dixon was the trigger man. His brother, Emile Dixon, was also convicted for the killing and is serving a life sentence.

Papers in Brooklyn Federal Court show that Jermaine Dixon considered cooperating with the feds, but the deal fell apart after prosecutors learned of his role in the Gooden slaying.

Facing a life sentence that was later reduced to 30 years, Dixon became a model prisoner. He pursued a bachelor's degree in business and filed for compassionate release, reported the New York Daily News.