Graphic: Indian Man Chops Woman's Breast, Legs, Hands, Ears in Public Market ; Hid Weapon Inside a Pot Before Attack (Video)

In a horrific incident a man chopped off the breasts of a woman and mutilating her hands, legs and ears with a sharp-edged weapon in a public market. The incident occurred in the Bihar state of India.

Neelam Devi
Neelam Devi
Neelam Devi, the deceased woman.

Woman's Husband Claims No Enmity with Accused

The India Today reported that in the incident which took place on Saturday, the victim identified as Neelam Devi was taken to the hospital where she succumbed to her fatal injuries.

The accused has been identified as Mohammed Shakeel who reportedly hid the weapon inside a pot before he attacked the victim. The outlet reported that in her dying declaration Devi revealed that names of her attackers. Shakeel fled the spot after committing the crime, the report claimed.

Speaking to the reporters Devi's husband, Ashok Yadav claimed that they did not have any enmity with the accused. "We did not have any enmity with Shakeel before, but this kind of incident is beyond my understanding," Yadav was quoted by the outlet.

However, DNA reported that the victim, who was previously close to the accused, had decided to distance herself from him. Earlier, Devi's family had threatened Shakeel from coming near to her. He was miffed with the woman as she was not responding to his overtures, the Indian outlet claimed.

Murder Fuels Hindu-Muslim Debate on Social-Media

The incident ignited the Hindu-Muslim debate on several Indian social media handles. "Shakeel Miyan was just following his religion. His goal is the salvation of 72 hoors. Why deny him his religious freedom? Where is our humanity?" tweeted a user.

"Shakeel Miyan is still at large... check the Qatar stadiums because that's were one receives aid from," wrote another.

"Horrid incident of M chopping off a hindu woman alive from Bihar!! Mohd Shakeel cut off hands,feet, ears and one breast of 42yr old Neelam Yadav in broad day light when she was out shopping in the market with a sharp weapon!! Spine chilling!" wrote another.

"You will forget what Shraddha faced if you hear only 10% about Neelam Yadav. Mohammad Shakeel Miyan is worst than Aftab Poonawala," expressed another user.