Gourav Mittal Padla - lifestyle influencer, social worker, motivational speaker and much more

Gourav Mittal Padla

There are few people who use their reach and influence to help others attain their life goals in one way or another. One such person that we came across was Gourav Mittal Padla.

A native of Haryana, Indi, Gourav is a social worker and also moonlights as a motivational speaker to thousands of people.

For Gourav, there isn't any job in the world that's better than being able to help others. Gourav, in his own way, provides assistance to people in some way or another, be it helping them find jobs, or helping them improve their lifestyles, or even motivate them to do better. Gourav strictly believes in the phrase "GROW AND LET OTHERS GROW".

In today's current scenario with the pandemic affecting every single person on the planet, there is a raising need for therapists and motivational speakers who can help people improve their mental and emotional stability. Gourav falls in the niche category of motivational influencers.

He is active across multiple social media platforms and creates videos that aid people in finding peace and calm. Talking a little more on the same, he shares, "I Believe that video content is highly immersive and it's the most consumed content. There are a lot of people who make fitness-related videos, gaming videos, and other things but there are very few people who create motivational videos.

He further adds, "it's a niche that I hope, in time, will gain more traction."

Gourav continues, "the current global pandemic has made it impossible for people to get out of the house and my job requires me to be on the ground a lot for my talks but since that isn't possible, I had to improvise and get creative to continue my work and in that avenue, social media has helped me a lot."

Look this up and come be a motivational speaker on social media and take a step towards improving your lifestyle.