Got7's Jackson suffers car crash, rapper might not perform in Japan concert

The singer is currently in Japan for his concert on September 4.

Got7's Jackson Wang met with a car accident on Thursday morning while he was on his way to the airport in China. The rapper reportedly did not sustain any major injuries, although he went for an extensive medical check-up after his flight landed in Japan. The 22-year-old is currently in the rising sun country for his concert on September 4.

On Friday, the label of the Roommate star issued a statement announcing the reason of the car accident. JYP entertainment revealed that the Hong Kong-born Chinese rapper suffered the crash due to a fan, who was dangerously following him in a car. The agency relayed: "GOT7's Jackon suffered a car accident caused by a fan following him in a car, and he's been injured. Jackson was taken to the hospital immediately after arriving at his destination, and we've taken action so he can receive an examination."

JYP further requested fans not to involve in such wild act: "Stalking artist cars is a dangerous act that can cause serious accidents that not only affect the artist, but yourself and those around you. As it's dangerous for not only your safety but the safety of others, we sincerely ask fans once again to prevent this sort of situation that endangers the public."

As far Jackson's upcoming concert and future projects are concerned, the label added that the singer's health is the foremost priority and they can only take an apt decision once the boy group member's medical reports are out: "Based on the results, we will make decisions about his future promotions. We plan to watch over the situation to see if he can participate in the JYP concert set to open in Japan on September 4. The health of the artists under our agency comes foremost."