GoT S8 official trailer: This was chasing Arya Stark in the dungeons of Winterfell!

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Let's start with how the trailer of Game of Thrones started for season 8. Arya Stark runs away from something that she has been eagerly looking forward to. After seeing the trailer, many fans and followers have been trying to figure out what could leave the Stark assassin so petrified. The woman, who has been instilling fear among other cast members, is scared. The bottom line - what did Arya Stark see that left her scared?

In what has been described as a master move, the graphics team at HBO has been so cunning with their colour correction in that trailer that it seemed that Arya Stark was running away from nothing. But was there nothing? To find out the answer, GamesRadar has used video editing tools to find out exactly what that was, and after a few tweaks, they have managed to scoop a few frames that show what chases Arya Stark.

A video has been doing the rounds that show a claw and a foot coming out from the darkness of the dungeon where Arya Stark was standing. The dark filter that cuts across the pillar, means that it was definitely added in the post-production, which means that HBO is trying to hide something from the audience, something which, if revealed, can leak the entire plot.

To add more to the mix, Arya Stark has a dragon glass dagger in one hand and despite having that, she is not attacking. So, the chances of it being a white walker or a wight are ridiculed.

If seen more closely, then a faint flicker can be observed which indicates that it is carrying a torch. Thereby, it can be a human from whom Arya Stark is running away. But, that is not one of the characteristics of Arya Stark, one who has been known to always fight. Which brings back to our second assumption, that Arya Stark is on her way to deliver something and that she is running as soon as she can so that she is not held back by anyone. Or she is running to a part of Winterfell which has not white walkers at all or rather quarantined. But, the fact that Arya Stark runs petrified is a clue that she is being chased by someone and that she is hot on her heels about to catch her.

A Reddit user has claimed that either the white walkers have taken control over Winterfell or she is becoming overwhelmed by them. Or, the dead have started to rise from the Winterfell crypts where civilians had taken shelter. Arya was, therefore, fleeing to reach the scene where the infiltration has happened because to help those in need is more likely than fleeing.