GoPro planning launch of Fusion 360-degree camera with 5.2k resolution

The camera is also capable of shooting immersive virtual reality content


Taking a boring selfie is such a cliché these days, rather the newest fad on the block is getting your hands on a 360-degree camera and take the entire environment in as you capture moments. Although, at its initial stages, this technology is surely going to define how we are capturing pictures or even looking at events in the coming days. This phenomenon is gradually becoming huge and it looks like GoPro is going to lead the way with their newly introduced GoPro Fusion that promises to go beyond the golden standard of 4k resolution when it comes to videos and give you a staggering 5.2k resolution output.

Facebook already supports 360-degree views but major naysayers have scoffed the idea saying that it still needs to up its game before it can be truly be lauded. This is because the image and video quality still leave a lot to be desired for.

The mantra behind GoPro Fusion is simple, shoot first check later as it will give you the option to select footages and images in the standard HD, once you are done with shooting. To top it all, you can say that it's a starter package in the cutting edge entertainment of the future.

Although, much information is not available on what it is packing under its hood, but GoPro has been sitting on the sidelines and prepping up the product so you can safely assume that it is going be to be its worth in money and a pure adrenaline rush for the tech nerds out there. GoPro is presently being secretive about the project at the moment and plans to go for a limited release later this year.

This article was first published on April 24, 2017