GoPro announces HomePro Challenge for home-grown videos you take during COVID-19 quarantine

GoPro employees and founder Nick Woodman
GoPro Inc's founder and CEO Nick Woodman (C) celebrates GoPro Inc's IPO with family and staff at the Nasdaq Market Site in New York City, June 26, 2014 REUTERS/Mike Segar

Sitting at home while in quarantine can get really boring, especially if you're not working from home or something like that during the ongoing global coronavirus lockdown.

But if you're a creative person you can put all the leisure and time to good use and learn something new or you can grab your GoPro, or any other camera including your smartphone, to record a home-made video that could literally make you a winner. Well that's exactly what GoPro is asking you to do during your self-quarantine time.

GoPro's HomePro Challenge for home-grown videos shot in quarantine

GoPro has just announced a new daily videography competition called #HomePro Challenge for creative, home-grown videos shot on any camera, including your smartphone, while you shelter at home home in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

What's interesting about the competition is that it could help you win a GoPro Hero 8 Black or GoPro MAX action camera. The #HomePro Challenge will run everyday from March 23 through April 30.

According to the blog post announcing the competition, GoPro will pick five of its favourite content submissions from around the world every single day till April 30. The winning creators will be given a choice between the Hero 8 Black or the GoPro Max camera, along with five years' free GoPro Plus subscription, which offers cloud storage and replacements for broken action cameras.

How to participate in the #HomePro Challenge

If you're interested in participating in GoPro's #HomePro Challenge, you can download the GoPro app on your Android smartphone or your iPhone and edit and post the videos on the app.

Alternatively, GoPro has announced that you can also upload your entry to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok using the hashtags #GoPro and #HomePro and tag @GoPro. You will need to tag @GoPro and use the #HomePro in the first line of your caption, so that it can find it and consider it for the daily giveaway.

GoPro app and Quik app

The GoPro app comes in really handy if you're planning to shoot the video with your phone or a connected GoPro action camera, because the app offers some quick and easy-to-use editing options which can help make your video look even better. You can also use GoPro's desktop software such as it's Quik app to give your entry, according to GoPro. In any case, you will need to tag the videos @GoPro and include the hashtags #GoPro, #HomePro to make your entry valid.

Increase your chances of winning

If you're wondering what kind of entries GoPro is looking at as part of the competition, the action camera-maker actually provides some hints in its blog post. It suggests anything "be it science (filming an egg poaching or the Coke + Mentors explosion?) music, or whatever it's is that you think is awesome... juggle madness, anyone? We want to see it!"

For inspiration, GoPro has even shown off some of its favourite videos created by the GoPro Comminity without leaving the comfort of one's own home. We can see that a lot of clever jump cuts and POV (point-of-view) shots stand a good chance of making it to the winners.

You can also keep an eye open for GoPro's social channels to see the winning #HomePro moments and stay up to date in what home-grown POV GoPro's been keen on catching.

GoPro Hero 8 Black and GoPro MAX

Both the GoPro Hero 8 Black and the GoPro MAX are great action cameras, but both serve different purposes. The Hero 8 Black is the more traditional action camera which comes with a Touch Screen viewfinder, 4K Ultra HD videos, 12MP photos, 1080p Hypersmooth 2.0 stabilization and waterproof up to 10m. On the other hand the GoPro MAX is GoPro's 360-degree rival of the Insta360 Evo that takes 360-degree videos to the next level with its video editing process. It costs more than the Hero 8 Black, but its 2D footage is not quite as Gola's the Hero 8 Blacks traditional 'flat' style video since the MAD suffers from "fisheye" vision due to it being a 360-degree camera.

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