Google's new Fuchsia OS gets a video preview

Google's Fuchsia OS is now available for previewing in a YouTube video.

Google Fuchsia OS preview
Google's new Fuchsia OS gets a video preview

Google's new Fuchsia OS has been in the works for quite a while and its first video preview is now available via YouTube, thanks to the YouTuber Kyle Bradshaw who has uploaded the video along with a link to his blogpost titled 'How to build Fuchsia Armadillo for Android'.

The Fuchsia OS was first spotted in August last year with sparse details, but now it is confirmed that Google's new mobile OS will be based on its own kernel called Magenta unlike Android or Chrome OS which will run on Linux kernel.

As the new Magenta kernel is designed for faster computers and smartphones with plenty of RAM, it seems more future proof than the existing builds of Linux kernels. Besides, Google has incorporated the Flutter SDK based apps and UI for its new Fuchsia OS, which will enable users to work on cross-platform apps from both iOS and Android without any compatibility issues.

The new card-based UI for Fuchsia OS is called Armadillo, which enables users to easily manage apps using a list of cards on the Home screen or employing split-screen mode. One can also expand the user profile by tapping on it to access various options like Volume, Airplane Mode, Auto-Rotate, battery and SIM info, etc.

As the new OS is still under development and testing, all the features being previewed are still not fully functional. Nevertheless, you can take a sneak peek at Google's futuristic operating system for the mobile platform in the video preview (below):

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