Google provides one-stop solution for coronavirus-related queries with SOS page

The SOS page would also help you with relevant links to donate for victims of coronavirus

Google has come up with a one-stop solution for all coronavirus searches. The SOS page will help users with all available information regarding the deadly virus along with URLs which could come in handy at times of emergency. The page includes a complete tab focused on safety tips alongside all the latest news and local updates appearing on social media including Twitter. The SOS page would also help you with relevant links to donate for coronavirus victims.

In a blog post, Google has explained how the SOS page would be useful.

How will the Google SOS page come in handy?

The coronavirus-related Google SOS page will aggregate all relevant information from the web, social media, and Google products, and then highlight the information on Google products such as Search and Maps.

You can see updates from local, national, or international authorities customized by your geographical location.

The updates could include emergency phone numbers and websites, maps, translations of useful phrases and donation opportunities.

How the SOS alert appears in Google

Google would automatically alert you if you're near a major crisis point and are looking for some relevant information in the search engine. Once searched, the Google homepage would automatically trim out the rest of the information and show you a banner indicating that there is an ongoing crisis, followed by emergency information and resources such as useful translations or phone numbers.

For getting the SOS alert, you should install the Google app in your Android smartphone or iPhone and keep the location turned on. The SOS section would send you a notification whenever required.

However, if you're in a relatively safe zone, the coronavirus-related SOS page won't appear. But you can still find SOS alerts by searching for information. The information you get may be different from what people closer to the crisis area see.

Google usually activates the SOS alert page whenever something malicious appears. The SOS page was designed in 2017 and has now been revamped in view of the coronavirus crisis, which has created a health emergency around the world.

Google's effort comes even as the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared coronavirus a global health emergency.

The virus has already killed over 200 people and infected more than 10,000 people in China and other countries.


Google Coronavirus SOS page
Google SOS page showing coronavirus related information twitter
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