Google Pixel 2 gets release confirmation and pricing details

Google Pixel 2 is officially confirmed for release in 2017 as a premium smartphone like the original.

Google Pixel 2 coming soon
Google Pixel 2 coming soon

Rick Osterloh, Google's head of the hardware department has confirmed the most-likely release window for the highly-anticipated Pixel 2 smartphone in his recent interview with AndroidPit. According to the report, Google will be following the same release pattern as the rest of the smartphone makers, which translates to one new smartphone release every year or every 12 months.

Here's what Osterloh said while answering a query on the release time frame for the Pixel 2:

"There is an annual rhythm in the industry. So, you can count on us to follow it. You can count on a successor this year, even if you don't hear a date from me now."

It is now clear that the Pixel device will not be a one-off creation and instead will get periodic upgrades on a yearly basis. Besides, the Pixel devices will continue to be marketed as premium flagship devices, unlike the budget variants of Nexus Android smartphones.

Consequently, the Pixel 2 and all future smartphones from the Pixel lineup will follow high-pricing strategy to justify their premium brand and status. Long shipping times and stock shortages have dented the Pixel's sales numbers to some extent, although both the Pixel and Pixel XL have been the Google fan favourites, ever since their release.

The official confirmation about the imminent release of Pixel 2 suggests that the Pixel successor will likely make its way in 2017, although there is still no word on the exact release date of the phone.

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