Google Maps update: New voice commands to avoid tolls, custom lists for Local Guides and more

New Google Maps update brings a slew of interesting features to share your travel experience.

The new beta update of Google Maps (v9.36.0) is expected to bring a bunch of interesting features including a seamless ability to set up avoiding tolls, ferries, and highways in your route, enable nearby traffic notifications, and set up custom lists as part of new Local Guides program.

With the advent of this new update, you no longer have to manually set the options for avoiding tolls, highways, or ferries on route to your destination. Besides, you can now save these custom settings for future trips. For instance, just tap on the microphone and say "avoid tolls" or configure a similar option for highways or ferries.

The new Google Maps update also adds a new 'Traffic Nearby' option to alert users with a real-time notification of traffic conditions in the area, and also the changing conditions on the road along with expected delays due to ensuing traffic jams.

The update also supports custom lists for Local Guides feature wherein you can share your travel experience with fellow members of the community including information on favourite tourist-spots in the city and best attractions around the place along with the individual ratings for each place.

You will be rewarded for writing exhaustive reviews about the palces you visit, besides earning the ability to create custom lists after reaching level 4 in the community ranks. My Favourite Places, Starred Places, and Want To Go are some of the custom lists currently available via Local Guides program.

Interested Google Maps users can sign up for this special program endorsed by Google, using this portal.