Google Maps to add new feature & make it much more easier for users to locate places

Google Maps is coming up with a new feature that helps users to locate their favourite places with the help of local guides

Google Maps
Google Maps. IANS

In our daily life, billions of people use Google Maps in one way or the other for various purposes. From checking the directions to finding out which road has more traffic, this app provides data that saves users' time and effort in their busy lives.

Not only that but, nowadays, Maps are used for several other purposes and on various occasions. Globally, they are not just used for directions but also help in finding a perfect place for a coffee point, a date, or maybe the best adventurous locations for your next drive.

Now, if you ask who can know better about the place that you are looking for? The answer would be local travel guides.

Austin Wells, product manager, Google Maps says that there are 120 million local guides you can locate or find on Google Maps. Those are the people who have explored the best and can recommend others. In addition to that, these guides share their experiences, contributions made, reviews about the particular place you are planning to visit and share photos about that place.

Also, these local travel guides act more like a wiki page of that place with proper information about that location. By this, it gives you in-and-out information about that place. To put this in simple terms, users can use this feature to explore new places with help from top local guides.

Besides, this feature rolls out only for a few select cities. The list includes Bangkok, Delhi, London, Mexico City, New York, Osaka, San Francisco, São Paulo, and Tokyo. All you need to do is simply follow the particular local guide you want to for specific section recommendations. The moment you follow them, you could see the whole list of updates and suggestions that could ease you in finding places and a list of things to do.

So, users who live in the aforementioned cities, just keep looking at the For You Tab of Google Maps to find out or locate your favourite to-do and to-see list of things with the aid from local travel guides.