Google has unveiled its personal assistant called Google Home at the ongoing Google I/O, the search giant's yearly developer conference. The Google Home is a smart, connected speaker that sits on your side table and acts on your commands. This is Google's rival to Amazon Echo, another similar voice-activated assistant.

The digital personal assistants have come a long and are becoming smarter every day. Thanks to the recent development of Internet of Things, these personal assistants have come out of our smartphones. Google Home will feature an always-on mic which can sense the sound around it.

With the power of Google's robust search engine behind it, it can answer any question its users throw at it. You can ask it about the weather, general questions or just use it for some entertainment. It can also help you to get your tasks done. Google is promising a 'natural conversations' like experience for its Google Home. Expect it to be similar to Apple's Siri.

The Google Home will be coming sometime later this year. There's no mention of its pricing, but everything will be clear in the coming months. It's time for Amazon to up its game with Echo or shut the shop.