Google introduces new job application management tool

Hire is a job application management tool designed for medium-sized business owners.

google hire
Google launches Hire, a new job application management tool. Google

Google just released its new job management tool called Hire on Tuesday in line with its efforts to help medium business owners streamline scouting of new talents to join their companies.

Google's Hire allows business owners to look for qualified candidates to employ through the platform. Since the new tool is built on G Suite, headhunters can access almost all the necessary information of job hopefuls, including contact details, resume, and calendar invites.

Like any other job hunting platforms, employers can provide feedback of employees, which future employers will be able to get access from the applicant's profile. Hire is far more convenient with its feature to export an applicant's data over to Google Sheet to get a good view of the candidate's skill sets and chops.

Hire's interface is designed for easy navigation right through Gmail. Human resource personnel can jot down comments for a prospective employee on the tool and it automatically syncs with Gmail communications with the applicants, which means hiring agents cut one tedious task of keeping notes and transferring them over to a new email conversation.

Google revealed that Hire has been in the works for over a year, testing it with real customers. It clarified that information about an applicant is given with consent, otherwise, they would not be shared with potential employers.

Google's Hire is specifically designed for US businesses with no more than 1,000 employees. However, it will soon be available to other countries.

In June, Google announced its unified job search platform wherein job hunters can scour the entire World Wide Web to look for hiring companies. Google Careers uses a unified system that taps LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, WayUp, Facebook, Monster, DirectEmployers, and other job seekers' platforms, to deliver relevant job search results to someone who is gunning for an employment.

This article was first published on July 19, 2017