Google increases bounty reward for finding bugs in its services

Google announces 50% bonus bug-bounty reward for "Remote Code Execution" via Google Vulnerability Rewards Program.

google bug

Google has just announced special bug-bounty reward for find any critical fault aka bug for Remote Code Execution via its Vulnerability Rewards Program. This program has been around since 2010 and it rewards coders and users if they manage to find vulnerabilities in Google's coding.

There is also an honourable mentions list that puts you among the very few who have managed to find a crack in the armour of Google. Any anomaly discovered in any of the Google-owned web services which handles and works with user data is eligible for a reward.

But, with time the loopholes have become increasingly difficult to find and Google feels that all those extra efforts that individuals are putting to help the company build a better experience are not being rewarded enough in the existing rewards scheme. So they have revised their reward scheme, to show how much these efforts mean to them.

The reward for "Remote Code Execution" on the Google VRP has been given a boost from $20,000 to $31,337, which is a 50 per cent hike, and "Unrestricted file system or database access" from $10,000 to $13,337, announced the company.

In case you wanted to know what are the countries leading the chase in this rewards game, Google confirms that Russia has constantly been on their top 10 list for the last seven years. There has been an almost three-fold increase in reports from Asia while 27% of the researchers, who have reported valid bugs, are from Germany and 44% of them are from France.