Google Earth user spots mysterious square-shaped structure in Antarctica, internet melts down

A few weeks back, NASA had spotted a giant hole measuring more than 20,000 square miles in Antarctica

Antarctica Structure
A mysterious square shaped structure has been spotted in Antarctica Google Earth

Several conspiracy theorists allege that Antarctica is a place where governments conduct secret experiments. The conspiracy theorists also believe that advanced aliens who work together with these governments have a secret base in the land of snow. Adding to the heat of these theories, a person using Google Earth has apparently discovered a mysterious square-shaped structure in Antarctica.

A square-shaped structure as big as six football fields

The mindblowing findings were later uploaded to YouTube in a conspiracy channel named 'MrMBB33'. After analyzing the video, the conspiracy theorist who runs the YouTube channel claimed that the height of the structure is almost 2,000 feet, and its size is as big as six football fields.

The video soon went viral, and it has already racked up more than 66,000 views on YouTube. After watching the video, several viewers also shared their opinion regarding the mysterious find.

"Strange that all countries want to take over land but no country claims Antarctica. I think there is something they know that we don't," commented Lorrie Battistoni, a YouTube user.

"The more it melts, the more we'll see! Soon they won't be able to lie anymore," commented Crazy Diamond, another YouTuber.

Some other users claimed that the mysterious structure is evidence of an ancient civilization that lived in Antarctica.

However, skeptics believe that there is nothing unusual about the structure, and they argue that this structure is nothing but a weirdly shaped block of ice.

Giant hole in Antarctica

A few weeks back, NASA had discovered a giant hole in Antarctica that measures approximately 20,000 square miles. Scientists who made the discovery revealed that the anomaly appeared every winter between 1974 and 1976 before disappearing into solid ice. Now, after several years, the anomaly has appeared again, and scientists suggested that it could be the result of latent heat process.