Google Earth app now allows you to view the earth from 30,000 miles up in space

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Google Earth app now shoes the stars in the cosmos Google Earth

Google Earth is one of the most interesting services from Google, and one of the best things about it is that when you zoom out all the way on the virtual globe on the web version of Google Earth on a desktop, you get to see the blue planet with hundreds and millions of stars in the background. The effect is so dramatic and beautiful that it almost feels like you're watching the earth from space.

But, unfortunately you won't see the same starry background on the mobile app, because that is replaced by a plain black background in the mobile app.

Google Earth mobile app now allows you to zoom out into space

If you've ever tried using Google Earth on your phone, you may have found it laggy, maybe because your phone wasn't powerful enough to handle the 3D program. You also may not have found it as interesting without the starry background. Well, you now have a good reason to start using it again, as Google has updated the Google Earth app with the ability to display the starry universe that you see on the web Google Earth, when you zoom out on your phone. This is attributed to the fact that modern smartphones and tablets are far more powerful than ever before.

The latest update to the Google Earth app now allows you to zoom out 30,000 miles above the earth and see images of the stars in the Milky Way that are actually captured by the European Southern Observatory as you rotate the three-dimensional globe.

Imagine looking at the Earth from a spaceship

Since you are zooming out and looking at the earth from the outside, you'll be able to see the cosmos as it would appear from a spaceship that's 30,000 miles above earth. This is an amazing effect and actually feels like you're watching the earth from a spaceship.

The new feature was announced by Google in its blog, which is currently showing an error. However, the content is available in snippets when you search on Google itself. In the blog post, Google says adding the stars to Google Earth is part of its efforts to make the program look as realistic as possible. Google had previously added animated clouds depicting different weather patterns around the world.

Google Earth software engineer Jonathan Cohen wrote in the blog post: "Realism is important to us... We want people using Google Earth to see our planet in context with out place in the universe."

The fact that the blog post is not available suggests that the feature has been announced early or maybe because Google is experiencing a technical glitch with the page.

Feature is already available on the updated app

However, we were able to download the updated Google Earth app along with the new starry background on a Samsung device and we have to say, it looks great. So, if you've always been planning to watch the earth from outer space, download the updated Google Earth app on your phone and ponder the beauty of the cosmos in the palm of your hand.

Meanwhile, Google recently updated Google Maps to show stars and planets outside the earth.