Google Bulletin puts citizen journalism on spotlight

Google Bulletin
Bulletin is Google's new tool under testing for contributed hyperlocal stories Google Bulletin

Last week, Google had confirmed that it is testing a new tool called Bulletin which will allow ordinary people to publish local news stories. The move is aimed at giving citizens a platform "to tell the stories that aren't being told".

Given the highly commercialized and traffic-centered news stories published online, the search giant has stepped up in its efforts to enrich the web with narratives that are "hyperlocal" in the most effortless way possible. Through the Bulletin app, citizen journalism is expected to take off very soon.

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Google describes Bulletin as an avenue "for contributing hyperlocal stories about your community, for the community, right from your phone". In addition, the goal for the platform is to effortlessly put a spotlight on stories that cannot be seen in major news outlets.

According to Google, the platform is not just about telling community-based stories as contributors may also include photos and video clips to make their narratives more informative, interesting and credible.

Bulletin stories will be available for public viewing. Apart from Google search, social networks and messaging services where these stories can be accessed easily, the company will also open free subscription-based feed via email.

The tool is currently in beta testing, available in Nashville, Tennessee, and Oakland, California. Interested individuals can request early access here.

This article was first published on January 29, 2018