Google to build its 3rd data centre in Jurong West, Singapore

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Google logo. (File Photo: IANS) IANS

In a move to meet the rapid user growth, US internet giant Google has decided to build its third data centre in Jurong West, Singapore. With this new instalment, the number of Google data centres in Singapore will become three, and it will be specifically designed to meet the increasing internet users in South East Asia which have now reached a total of 330 million.

Currently, the number of internet users in South East Asia alone is more than the population of the United States and the tech giant is planning to complete the works of the new data centre by 2020.

It should be noted that Google has already spent US$ 500 million on its existing data centres in Singapore. The new data centre in Singapore will most likely add another $350 million to Google's investment.

It was in 2011 that Google initially opened its data centre in Singapore. A second one was opened in 2015, and soon the internet giant also opened a Google cloud platform region last year to meet the needs of service enterprise customers and other premium clients.

"The pace hasn't slowed. In the three years since our last update, more than 70 million people in Southeast Asia started getting online for the first time, bringing the region's total to more than 330 million - that's more than the whole population of the United States," said Joe Kava, Google's vice president of Global Data Centres.

Joe Kava also added that the new data centre in Singapore will be one of the most efficient and environmental-friendly sites in Asia. He also made it clear that the company will use machine learning to reduce energy usage.

However, Google did not reveal the number of workers who will be employed in the new facility but said that they are planning to build a small team in the third data centre.

As per reports, the construction work is already underway for the new facility.