YouTube TV
Google announces YouTube TV live streaming service at $35 per month

Google has just announced its launch plans for a new live streaming service called 'YouTube TV' wherein television content will be telecast alongside YouTube's expansive library of video content. The company aims to capture the niche market which never had access to a cable subscription by offering its alternative source via YouTube TV.

YouTube TV channels listing

Subscribers of YouTube TV can avail subscription service from all four content providers in the US including ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. At just $35 per month subscribers can access over 30 of the biggest TV channels, besides sharing the single subscription with up to six user accounts in a family.

The catch here is that each member of the family will get access to their own individual YouTube account instead of having to share the same account. Consequently, each user will get a tailor-made content experience that's driven by content-specific algorithms.

YouTube TV

Although six users can log into a single subscription on multiple YouTube accounts, the live streaming access it restricted to just three videos at any given time. The YouTube streaming service will also support Cloud-based DVR feature with unlimited storage space.

On the downside, the content availability through streaming services on YouTube will be limited by the channel broadcaster based on certain terms and conditions. HBO and Turner Broadcasting have not yet signed up with Google for enabling live-streaming services of their channels via YouTube TV. In other words, YouTube subscribers will not have access to CNN, TBS and TNT, AMC Networks, Discovery Communications, and A+E Networks.

YouTube TV is not yet live, but interested users can sign up for the launch notification at